The 25′ Ryobi Tape Measure Review

25' Ryobi Tape Measure

For a budget-friendly look into Ryobi’s first stab into the world of hand tools, look no further than the 25′ Ryobi Tape Measure. This tape measure offers top-notch accuracy, while also featuring a compact and ergonomic design. It also features a rubber overmolding to protect against impact, a 7′ standout, and a wire belt clip. Available exclusively form Home Depot, the 25′ Ryobi Tape Measure offers a nuts-and-bolts measurement option for the low price of $8.97.

Keep your eyes on for the full review of the 25′ Ryobi Tape Measure. Or, to see how it stacked up against 7 of the other professional-grade tapes, check out our head to head shootout.


Design Features

The 25′ Ryobi Tape Measure features a blade with fractional markings. We tested it against the Lixer Master calibration tool and found that, just as you would expect from any tape measure, the markings were accurate. That might sound like kind of a stupid thing to type out, but we have looked at other brand new tape measures that fell short from an accuracy standpoint. So, we feel confident in saying that the new Ryobi model meets the bare minimum requirements for a pro-level tape just by being accurate.25' Ryobi Tape Measure

The new Ryobi tape measure features a 7′ standout, which is admittedly less than we would like to see, but it’s not a game-ender, and there are reasons why from an ergonomic standpoint. This 25′ tape measure fits compactly and comfortably in the hand, in part, by virtue of the fact that Ryobi has fitted this tape measure with a narrower blade. A wider blade will offer more rigidity, but it will also feel bulkier in the hand or on the hip.25' Ryobi Tape Measure

The 25′ Ryobi Tape Measure also offers a hook design that is adequate for most tasks, and a wire belt clip design. In the spirit of full disclosure, we liked the strength of the wire clip, but felt that making it a size or two bigger might have improved the design dramatically.


Obviously, the main selling point for the 25′ Tape Measure revolves around its value. If you’re looking for an affordable new tape measure that maintains its accuracy, but doesn’t have its pricepoint driven up by including frivolous bells and whistles, this might be your best bet. Sure, nylon coated and double-side printed blades, high visibility paints, and auto-locks are nice, but are they always necessary? The tapes we’ve looked at recently that included these features were almost always double, and sometimes triple the price. The Ryobi model retails for $8.97 from your local Home Depot or online.


25' Ryobi Tape Measure

25′ Ryobi Tape Measure Features & Specs

  • Model: Ryobi RTM25
  • Length: 25′
  • Mark Lines: 1/16″
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $8.97

To purchase the 25′ Ryobi Tape Measure, check it out at



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