BOLT Lock – One Key For All Locks Video


If you own a boat or utility trailer, you probably know what it’s like when you can’t find the key to the lock. Everything stops until you find that key, or until you find a cutoff saw. BOLT Lock is trying to change this dynamic with their locks that work with your vehicle’s ignition key.

BOLT Lock Features

BOLT Lock BoatThe BOLT Lock products use a 6-plate tumbler sidebar that prevents picking and theft. They have a larger automotive-grade lock cylinder that automatically sets to your ignition key. The first time you use the BOLT, remove the sticker from the lock opening first. Then, just insert your ignition key completely into the lock, then turn all the way to the right. Once it stops, then turn all the way to the left. Your BOLT Lock is now programmed, but the instructions also say to just cycle the key/lock, fully to the right and left, 3 more times.

BOLT products are made by STRATTEC, which is the world’s largest manufacturer of automotive locks and keys. STRATTEC is the main original equipment supplier for Ford, GM, and Chrysler. These locks also have a high resistance to moisture and corrosion.

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Final Thoughts

BOLT Locks are available in a variety of forms for many manufacturers. Using their website, you can select your vehicle, and they will display the multiple products available for your key. Products range in price from $20 to $65. You can find them on or on their website. We set up four different Locks for our 2018 GMC Sierra truck key. Each lock was very easy to do, and they worked flawlessly when we completed. It definitely makes it easy now that the boat trailer, hitch, cable lock, and padlock all work off the truck key now.

BOLT Lock Coupler

Available Bolt Products

  • 5/8″ Receiver Lock for GM Center-cut – $30
  • Padlock for GM Center-cut – $25
  • Off-vehicle Coupler Lock for GM Center-cut – $65
  • 6′ Cable Lock for GM Center-cut – $35
  • Spare Tire and Wheel Lock for Jeep – $33


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