Diablo Steel Demon Cermet and Carbide Blade Video

Diablo Steel Demon FI

Fast cutting, easy cleanup, and cool residual. This is what you get when you’re cutting metal with the Diablo Steel Demon cermet and carbide metal saw blade. If you’re used to cutting metal with an abrasive wheel/blade, then leave the shower of sparks and red-hot shrapnel behind.

Diablo Steel Demon Blade

Diablo Steel Demon Saw Blade Features

Cermet and Carbide Blade Tips

Cermet and Carbide Blade Tips

The Diablo Steel Demon blades have been out a while, for their circular and reciprocating saws. This newest blade includes Cermet and Carbide teeth only available on the circular saw blades. Cermet is a blend of ceramic and metallic that provides excellent high-heat tolerance. The Cermet teeth also have an increased hardness that ensures longer life, up to 40 times longer, claims Diablo.

Looking at the body or side of the blade, you’ll notice vents or small slits in the blade. This is designed to help lower noise and vibration, providing a much more pleasing cutting experience. Furthermore, a laser-cut thin kerf has less resistance when slicing through metal, which aids in much lower temperature.

Our Thoughts

Home Depot offers the Diablo Steel Demon Cermet blades in many sizes, from 7-1/4″ up to 14″ blades for your cutoff saw. While most use the 7-1/4″ Steel Demon in their circular saw, we like to use it in our small DeWalt 20V Cordless Miter Saw. This makes quick work of cutting square tubing, rectangle tubing, angle, and flat bar for fabricating different pieces.

Diablo Steel Demon Miter Saw

Cutting through aluminum and angle iron is really quick and easy. The real test was could it cut through 1/4″ steel plate flat bar? That was no match either. There was a little more heat buildup on the plat steel, but you can still hold the piece with your bare hand. You can get the Diablo Steel Demon with Cermet and Carbide for less than $30 from the Home Depot. Click the link for Diablo Steel Demon Metal Saw Blade.



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