Gauge-It Thickness Gauge Review Accessory Reviews

Gauge-It Thickness Gauge Review

The Gauge-It Thickness Gauge is a quick, reliable and easy to use way to check how thick your wood working material is. No more trying to eyeball or guess, just Gauge-it! Simple, few moving parts, and easy to read are all good things when we are talking about measuring tools. With the Thickness Gauge the guess work is out of precisely measuring how thick that plywood or work piece really is. The functionality does not end there, it will also measure the inside diameter of holes and piping too.


Build Quality

The Gauge-It Thickness Gauge is made of anodized aluminum so it should not corrode or freeze up on you. The markings on the tool are put on with indelible black epoxy that will not wear off and are easy-to-read. The calipers are non destructive and will not mar or dig into the surface of even the most delicate materials.

Gauge-It thickness gauge retail

Testing and Use

Gauge-It thickness gauge outsideWhat we really liked about the Gauge-It Thickness Gauge is how simple it really is. Just open the jaw of the calipers then close it against the outside surfaces of what you are trying to measure. Don’t squeeze the calipers or force them, just let them fit snugly up to the work piece and then look at the meter to see what the measurement is. The same works measuring the inside of holes and pipes. The outside scale measures the thickness and the inside scale takes the inside measurements. The numbers are easy to read and are in 1/32 inch increments. To verify the accuracy of the tool, we measured the thickness of various objects that we knew the exact thickness of and the Gauge-It Thickness Gauge was right on every time. We would expect most wood workers to find this tool extremely handy to have around and especially folks that use a planer or wood lathe.

Gauge-It thickness gauge inside


Gauge-It Thickness Gauge is a no nonsense tool that really works. With its simple, yet durable construction and easy to use functionality, it really is a must have for any serious wood worker. For our performance rating we gave it a 9/10 because it does a good job at doing what it is designed to do. For our value rating, we gave it a 9/10 because we feel that given its usefulness, durability and high quality it is a good deal for the price.


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