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GripLockTies Zip Ties Features

If Bouji zip ties are a thing, then GripLockTies has a lock on it! These glorified zip ties have two rubber rails that run the length of the body, offering cushion and support when cinching down. We first had a look at these when we were at the SEMA Show 2021 in Las Vegas. Be sure to check out those videos too.

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GripLockTies Zip Ties_1

Grip Lock Ties are offered in 12-inch, 8-inch, and 5-inch lengths, each in different colors as well. In addition to the rubber lining, GripLockTies also has a locking and unlocking feature that allows these zip ties to be reused.

Protection and Grip

The rubber lining on the GripLockTies not only protects the subject materials from overtightening, hence this also provides additional grip. Typical zip ties require that you cinch the ties down really tight in order to hold wires or hoses from moving. This overtightening can potentially cause damage to wiring insulation, or even to the wire itself. Thinking of different uses for these new zip tip ties could be endless. Just off the top of our heads, these will be great for wiring, hoses, spark-plug wires, and tubing.

GripLockTies Zip Ties

Final Thoughts

We love to see old tools and accessories get a new lease on life or even spur new ideas altogether. These GripLockTies are just that. If you need to get a gift for that person that has everything, this is a perfect choice. This is why we added them to our Best Tools for Christmas Gift Guide 2021.

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