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Working with hole saws can be a real pain. The Quick Mandrel by FastCap makes changing hole saw bits a breeze. Try it out for yourself.

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If you have ever used hole saws, then you understand the frustration of ensuring you have a mandrel that works with the needed hole saw bit. FastCap introduced the hole saw Quick Mandrel that works with almost every make of hole saws. Whether it is Milwaukee, Spyder, Diablo, Klein, or any other popular brand, the hole saw Quick Mandrel allows for hole saw changes in seconds.

FastCap Hole Saw Quick Mandrel Features

The Quick Mandrel has three jaws in the center of the mandrel, surrounding the pilot bit. Pressing a hole saw bit onto the Quick mandrel, the center jaws easily fit in the center hole of the hole saw. Two opposing pins 180-degrees apart fit through the like holes in the hole saw. Once seated, a quick 1/8th turn counter-clockwise spreads the three jaws in the middle and locks the hole saw in place on the Quick Mandrel.

When using several different bits by different manufacturers, drilling holes in metal and wood, we didn’t notice any wobble or slop with the mandrel. Changing bits from one manufacturer to another was no issue. We drilled a couple of holes in some metal with a bi-metal blade, within seconds, we changed the hole saw to a wood bit and drilled holes in some scrap lumber. The only part getting used to is that righty is not tighty and lefty is not loosy. This is most assuredly due to the rotation of the hole saw and drill.


Final Thoughts

We noticed the pilot bit was not very long, as well as it was a proprietary bit. The bit was triangular on the shank (3 flat sides), in order to fit between the jaws of the hole saw Quick Mandrel. In fact, with our deeper hole saws, the pilot bit did not protrude beyond the hole saw, hence making it almost impossible to start a proper hole. With a quick call to FastCap, they confirmed they would soon have longer bits available, for the deeper hole saws. With a price of only $19.95, the hole saw Quick Mandrel by FastCap could pay for itself quickly, due to the lack of frustration alone.


Purchase your FastCap hole saw Quick Mandrel here.

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