ISOtunes Xtra Noise Isolating Earplug Headphones Video Review

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FInal Thoughts
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  • Ergonomics
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Final Thoughts

Using hearing protection can sometimes be a drag, but ISOtunes Xtra noise isolating headphones makes this a much more pleaant experience. Not only do they reduce outside noise to your ears by -27 dB, but they also delivery your favorite music in great quality. The max volume of 85 dB also keeps them playing nice with OSHA and NIOSH. You can pickup a pair today for just $79.

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ISOtunes Xtra headphones allow you to block out harmful noise in your workplace but also enjoy your favorite tunes. If you’re thinking that you can just wear any ol’ bluetooth headphones for hearing protection, think again. Your regular earphones may play music, but they’re not certified to block out the outside noise.

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ISOtunes Xtra Earplug Features

We tried out and reviewed the ISOtunes Pro a couple of years ago, and we were quite impressed with the sound quality. This new Xtra model produces great sound as well and provides the same -27 dB noise reduction. In addition to the noise reduction, the music playing in your ears is also contained to a Max volume of 85 dB. This is the max allowable continuous dB level that OSHA allows in an 8-hour work-day. Not only are these OSHA compliant, but also NIOSH compliant as well.

ISOtunesPRO Noise Isolating Bluetooth Earbuds Video Review

ISOtunes Xtra Earbuds_5For maximum comfort, the new ISOtunes Xtra earbuds come with 3 pair of foam tips and 3 pair of silicone tips. The tips can be easily changed by unscrewing and screwing the new ones on. While the ISOtunes Pro models have the over-ear memory-wire, the new Xtra models have a magnetic back on each bud. This allows the buds to attract to one another when hanging around your neck, not in your ears. Battery life is a full 8-hours for the Xtra headphones and they have a IP45 dust and moisture rating.

Final Thoughts

We really like the ISOtunes Xtra headphones due to the quality sound output and the -27 dB noise reduction. This is our hearing protection of choice when in the shop. It’s great to get the protection we need while still listening to Skynard, U2, and The Who. The Xtra earbuds run $79, while the ISOtunes Pro model will cost another ten at $89. For more information, click here.

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