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If you ever break anything or somebody else breaks things and you fix them, then you need a KTI Q Bond QBDQB2 quick bonding adhesive kit.

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Have you ever broken something that belonged to your customer? This is why you need a product like the KTI Q Bond KTI90002 quick bonding adhesive kit. Q Bond will repair almost anything, and it’s not just an adhesive. Included in the kit are black and grey filling powders in separate bottles, as well as 2 bottles of ultra-strong superglue. Just the superglue adhesive can be used to join pieces together, if no filling is needed. Adding the powder provides an even better bond, as it allows the glue to penetrate the power and gives extra rigidity to the bonding area. There is more surface area for the glue to adhere.

KTI Q Bond KTI90002 Quick Bonding Adhesive Kit First Use

We used a test piece of plastic that has been sitting in a cardboard box for more than ten years. We thought this might be a good representation of something with some age. Just we thought, with a little persuasion the plastic broke into multiple pieces. We were sure to not only have a place to use the adhesive, but also a place where there was a void. This would allow us to use the bonding powder.

KTI Q Bond KTI90002 Quick Bonding Adhesive Kit KTI Q Bond QBDQB2 Quick

The adhesive superglue works like your typical instant glue; however, it seems to bond much better. Within a few seconds, the pieces were joined together permanently. On the void that was left, I applied blue painter’s tape to the underside. Next, I carefully poured the black powder, filling the void near level. Finally, I applied three drops of the adhesive. This was actually too many, hence two drops would have been plenty. Within a few seconds, the patch was dry, and I was even able to sand it smooth.

KTI Quick Bond - Bonded and Sanded

For the low price of the kit, there is no reason not to keep one in a tool box, and another in a drawer at home. To find out more, please click here.


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