Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set

Need a new set of bits for that project coming up? You’re in luck, because available now from your local Home Depot is the new 50-piece Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set. This set includes Red Helix drill bits, Torx bits, square bits, slotted bits, standard bits, socket adapters and nut drivers. They feature Milwaukee’s patented Shockwave design, which absorbs more torque than standard impact bits. This second generation of Milwaukee Shockwave bits also utilizes a custom alloy 76 steel, which lasts longer than the company’s older line of bits, and it is less susceptible to wear.


What’s In The Box?

Milwaukee makes a lot of bold claims about their impact duty bits. They say they’ve engineered their Shockwave bits to fit better, as well as outlast other driver bits on the market. All of the driver bits include Milwaukee’s Shock Zone geometry, which is unique to each tip. The end result is a bit that absorbs three times more torque than other impact bits. Milwaukee also promises that these bits will last 30 times longer than comparable impact bits.   Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set

This set includes 2 nut drivers, a 3/8″ socket adapter, two double-ended power bits, and 7 Phillip’s Head insert bits. It also comes with 5 SQ insert bits, 6 Torx bits, 3 slotted bits of various sizes, and four standard sizes of hex insert bits. As well, Milwaukee included a range of power bits in PH, SQ, Torx, and slotted flavors, in addition to 4 Red Helix drill bits. You can keep reading to get a more comprehensive list, but this set includes most, if not all of, the classics you’d expect from a bit set.

First Impressions

The Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set is a mixed bag of various helpful bits that utilize the company’s Shockwave design. If you’re not familiar with the design, the notable feature centers on the way these bits will handle pressure from torque. You can read more about that from our sister site,

There is one thing that really sets us off about this set, however. It’s a 50-piece set that only has 49 slots. What this means is that the 1/4″ drill bit doesn’t have a home, but instead, rolls around, wild and free, inside the box. This wouldn’t be an important thing to note except that it really rattles me in an obsessive-compulsive sort of way. Thanks, Milwaukee, for triggering my neurosis.

This set includes a lot of the bits you’ll be likely to use in most applications, as well as some other helpful bits that might not be quite as commonly used. This set also includes 4 Red Helix drill bits that range from 1/8″- 1/4″.  The whole thing takes up a 4.5″x 7″x 2″ space in your toolbag. It retails for under $20 at Home Depot, which seems like a pretty great price, especially considering Milwaukee tools and accessories can sometimes run a little on the pricier side of things. All things considered, the Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set is a great set at a great price.

Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set

If you look closely, you’ll see the 1/4″ drill bit hanging out by itself in the middle of the box, unfettered and ready to roll.



50-Piece Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set Features

  • Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit SetOptimized shock zone geometry absorbs peak torque and prevents breaking
  • Custom machined tip prevents stripping and reduces wobble
  • Custom alloy 76 steel maximizes resistance to wear and shock
  • Includes 50-pieces
  • 30X longer life versus other impact bits
  • 3X more torque versus other impact bits
  • Available Now
  • MSRP: $19.97 at Home Depot

50-Piece Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set Specs

  • Bit Material: Steel
  • Drill Bit Types Included: Bit Extender/Holder, Nut Driver, Screwdriver, Twist
  • Drive Style: Hex
  • Shank Style: Hex
  • Set Includes: 1 compact magnetic bit holder, (1) 1/4 in. nut driver, (1) 5/16 in. nut driver, (1) 3/8 in. socket adapter, (2) double ended power bits, (1) PH1 insert bit, (3) PH2 insert bits, (1) PR2 insert bit, (2) PH3 insert bits, (1) SQ1 insert bit, (3) SQ2 insert bits, (1) SQ3 insert bit, (1) T15 insert bit, (2) T20 insert bits, (2) T25 insert bits, (1) T30 insert bit, (1) slotted #6 insert bit, (1) slotted #8 insert bit, (1) slotted #10 insert bit, (1) 1/8 in. hex insert bit, (1) 5/32 in. hex insert bit, (1) 3/16 in. hex insert bit, (1) 1/4 in. hex insert bit, (3) PH2 power bits, (1) PH3 power bit, (3) SQ2 power bits, (1) SQ3 power bit, (1) T15 power bit, (2) T20 power bits, (2) T25 power bits, (1) T30 power bit, (1) slotted #10 power bit, titanium red helix bits: 1/8 in., 5/32 in., 3/16 in., 1/4 in.Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set


The 50-Piece Milwaukee Shockwave Impact Duty Driver Bit Set can be found at your local Home Depot, or online at

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