New Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks

Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack
With so many available options when it comes to tool portability and storage, it can be tough to settle on something that fits your particular need exactly. Milwaukee Tool, among other manufacturers, came up with another option with the release of their original jobsite backpack. It was portable, well-constructed, durable, and maybe most importantly, held a fair amount of tools. And, while the original product was useful, there might have been a few limitations that kept it from greatness. This is where the new additions to the Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack line come in. It looks like Milwaukee aims to take a more tailored approach to tool portability with an Ultimate Jobsite Backpack, as well as a Low-Profile Jobsite Backpack. Available in October 2017, the new Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks look to add more features and configurations to their flagship model.

Thoughts From Milwaukee Tool

“These new offerings build upon the popularity of our flagship backpack solution, the Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack, by providing users with even more options to better suit their specific storage and transportation needs. The Ultimate Jobsite Backpack is designed for tradesmen who often carry a wide variety of hand tools, power tools, and accessories with them, while the Low-Profile Backpack provides the functionality necessary for users who perform diagnostic or service work and need to carry a tablet or laptop as well as a variety of tools. These users will enjoy the low profile of this backpack because it will allow them to fit into tight spaces, such as caged ladders.”
-Matt Vargo, Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool

New Milwaukee Jobsite Backpack Features

As stated previously, the new Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks offer a bit more customization. The Ultimate Jobsite Backpack accommodates tradesmen who need to carry a wide variety of tools with them. Milwaukee designed this model to store both hand tools and power tools, as well as various accessories. It has 48 pockets to meet an array of storage needs.

Milwaukee designed the Low-Profile jobsite Backpack with the diagnostic and service worker in mind. It has 22 pockets for storage and organization, and it features a protective sleeve for toting a laptop around. With a slimmer design, it fits closer to the back to allow greater mobility through tight spaces.New Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks


Milwaukee generally seems to prioritize durability and functionality with their designs, and these new additions don’t look to be any different. Both models are constructed from a tear-resistant 1680D ballistic material. Load bearing harnesses come equipped with twice the padding of the original. Also, both models feature sternum straps to help evenly distribute weight. Vertical handles allow the user to hang the bag from hooks or dolly handles.

The molded, impact-resistant base of the Ultimate Jobsite Backpack allows the bag to stand on its own. The Low-Profile model features a reinforced base that protects an area frequently damaged by typical jobsite conditions. Each model features a dedicated puncture-resistant pocket for sharp tool storage as well. And, in an effort to address one of the minor shortcomings of the last iteration of the backpack, Milwaukee has included a tape measure clip on both models!


The Ultimate Jobsite Backpack will retail for around $119.99. The Low-Profile model will retail for $79.99. The new Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks will be available in October of 2017.

New Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks

Final Thoughts

The original Jobsite Backpack was met with positive reviews. It received commendations for its high durability, as well as its functionality. The few criticisms surrounding the original model revolved around it lacking a tape measure clip and a sleeve for a laptop. And also, that it might not have had quite enough pockets. But, it looks like Milwaukee heard the complaints from the last round and addressed them with these updated editions. Both these models have a protective sleeve for a laptop or tablet. Both include a clip for a tape measure. They both have a variety of pockets for storage and organization, though this is especially the case for the Ultimate Backpack.


Obviously, these bags aren’t going to house as many tools as a toolbox. But, they’re not really intended to either. These bags are a great option for jobs that don’t require a wide variety of tools, and for jobs where lugging a toolbox might be inconvenient. And, while Milwaukee already has some portable toolbox options that do look plenty convenient, the new Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks cover a niche in the market.


New Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks Specs

New Milwaukee Jobsite Backpacks

  • Ultimate Jobsite Back accommodates tradesmen who carry a wide variety of hand tools, power tools, accessories
  • Low-Profile Backpack provides functionality necessary for users who perform diagnostic or service work and need to carry a tablet or laptop as well as a variety of tools
  • Constructed of tear-resistant 1680D Ballistic Material
  • Load-bearing harnesses with 2X more padding
  • Each backpack has different unique storage features unique to its user (like tech pockets!)
  • Available: October 2017
  • MSRP:
    • Ultimate Jobsite Backpack 48-22-8201 ($119.99)
    • Low-Profile Jobsite Backpack 48-22-8202 ($79.99)

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