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Get you a pair or three of these Radians Crossfire safety glasses. You can do your work, come home to cut the grass, then go to your kids ballgame, all without ever taking off your protective eyewear.

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You only ever have one pair of eyes. If you take care of them, then they will probably last you a lifetime. No longer do you have to look like a buffoon when you wear safety glasses. Radians Crossfire protective eyewear include many models, hence it’s certain that at least one style will fit your fancy.

Not only has the looks of protective eyewear caught up with present day, but ergonomics and safety have jumped leap-years ahead as well. Radians ensure their safety glasses not only look good, but they feel good as well. Most importantly, the Radians Crossfire protective eyewear protects your eyes from the hazards we face each day. We not only face hazardous conditions at work, but many times at home as well. Whether it’s running a mower or line trimmer (weed-eater), or hammering nails in a 2×4, these can all cause havoc to unprotected eyes.

First Eye Protection Experience

Radians Crossfire Protective Eyewear - MP7I can remember my early days working with my father in the family glass business. We replaced glass in  heavy equipment: bulldozers, payloaders, excavators, draglines, etc. Most of this machinery resided in the Central Florida phosphate mines. Not only were we dealing with broken glass and big machinery, but we also worked around acids, mud, flying debris, and high pressured water spouts. I also remember those first safety glasses. At least we had a choice: big and ugly clear, big and ugly tinted, bigger and uglier clear…you get the picture. Glad to see these days are past.

About Radians

The year was 1997, Super Bowl winners were the Green Bay Packers and the number one song was Candle in the wind, by Elton John. Oh yeah, and Radians was founded the same year in Memphis, TN. Early, the company focused on safety eyewear and hearing protection in the Sporting Goods channel. Nearly twenty years later, Radians has a comprehensive line of safety products with over 110 styles of eyewear, electronic and passive hearing protection devices, high visibility safety apparel, head gear, performance gloves, rainwear, work boots, cooling/warming products, and accessories.


After several key licensing agreements with popular brands and multiple acquisitions of other companies, Radians purchased Crossfire safety eyewear in 2013. Crossfire was known for their cutting edge designs and sports appeal. Later in 2013, Radians’ acoustical testing laboratory was accredited by the National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP Lab Code 500090-0).

Radians Crossfire Protective Eyewear Features

High definition lens technology filters out the damaging blue rays, all the while providing more clarity and enhanced vision. Even more so, the polarized lenses reduce the glare by removing the reflected bent light. This is best realized standing above water, such as in a boat; the polarized glasses will allow you to see through the surface of the water (fish, rocks, etc.). You will only see the reflection of the water with non-polarized lenses.

Radians Crossfire M6A

Radians Crossfire M6A

Radians Crossfire protective eyewear include ANSI Z87.1+ certified frames and lenses, so they absorb the impact, saving your eyes. Even a 12 gauge #5 shot fired from 20 yards didn’t penetrate the Radians Corssfire lens and frame. Let’s hope there is never a 12 gauge shotgun pointed in your general direction, especially at your face.

Choices Choices

Radians Crossfire CumulusThere are more than 24 frame styles available in the Radians Crossfire safety glasses alone. Within each frame selection, there are multiple colors to choose from as well, some have six different frame colors available. Once you choose a frame and color, then you have multiple lens choices. From silver mirror polarized to blue mirror, HD brown, smoke, and so on. And we are only mentioning the Crossfire line. Furthermore, there are many other lines of protective eyewear from Radians, so you have no excuse not to protect those eyes.

Of the five different Crossfire styles that we adorned here at STR, my favorite were the Cumulus and the M6A. The full frames fit me very well. I am a tough customer when it comes to sunglasses. I have a fairly big head and face, and I don’t like the temples (arms) of the sunglasses or safety glasses pressing into my head. The Cumulus frames were very comfortable, even when wearing for long periods. With We do a lot of testing, cutting, grinding and wrenching around here, so it’s imperative that I have on my safety glasses. Thank you Radians for making it not only a comfortable choice, but also a stylish one.

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A Few Last Words

No matter what you tackle in your job or at your home, protect your eyes from flying debris. It doesn’t matter if they’re ugly and uncomfortable, make sure your safety glasses are on before it’s too late. Now, if you think a little in advance, you can go ahead and get you a pair or three of these Radians Crossfire safety glasses. You can do your work, come home to cut the grass, then go to your kids ballgame, all without ever taking off your protective eyewear. Most of all, since they look so good, nobody knows those aren’t high-dollar sunglasses. Well, a lot of people anyway.


If you would like to purchase Crossfire protective eyewear, click here.

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