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Don’t get caught without a tow rope to pull you to safety. Check out the K Tool recovery tow rope. The tow rope neatly stows away under or behind your seat, so it’s ready when you need it.

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If you have ever been stuck in the woods or on the side of the road somewhere, with nothing to pull you home, then you realize the value of a recovery tow rope. For decades and probably centuries, we used chains and cables to pull and snatch vehicles from their demise. In recent decades, nylon straps were the safer choice; however, they still jerked the necks of the puller and pulled when removing the slack. With new technology, we now know that double-nylon ropes are the best choice. These ropes, such as the KTI73818 recovery tow rope offer the strength to pull heavy loads, as well as the elasticity to forgive/remove slack.

K Tool KTI73818 Recovery Tow Rope Features

The KTI73818 measures 1/2″ in diameter and 20 feet long, with a machine woven loop on each end. The eye tips of each loop are rubber coated to provide extra protection and maximum grip. We liked the included nylon zippered bag that keeps the rope neatly stowed in your vehicle, as well as each end of the bag is vented to ensure the rope stays dry. Even with a heavy load, like the 2012 Duramax crew cab we pulled, we were able to easily release the rope from the tow hook without tools.


Features and Specifications

  • KTI Tow Rope Rubber End1/2″ x 20′ Recovery Tow Rope with Yellow Eyes (Rating: 7400 lbs.)
  • Double braided nylon rope is extremely strong and flexible
  • Durable, UV resistant, waterproof polymer coating is soaked deep into the rope fibers
  • High elasticity is ideal for off-road recovery and snatching applications
  • Rubber coated eye tips provide extra protection and maximum grip
  •  Includes black mesh vented bag
  • Covered by 1 year warranty

Final Tow

When  reviewing a recovery tow rope, there are not a lot of technical features or options to review. Most Importantly, it either works, or it doesn’t. The KTI73818 passed our tests, as we both pulled a truck that maximized the advertised weight, and we tortured the KTI recovery tow rope by stretching it with our 25-ton OTC shop press. At a cost much less than the competition and a 1-year warranty, we can’t help but recommend the K Tool recovery tow rope. Additional and larger tow ropes are available as well, all the way up to 1-1/2″, rated for 74,000 pounds.

Purchase your KTI73818 recovery tow rope here.



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