Ridgid 625 Tape Measure

Ridgid 625 Tape Measure

Over at the ProToolReviews site, we’ve been going crazy with the tape measures. Due almost exclusively to the fact that we were running a tape measure shootout, we’ve had a lot of them on hand. That being the case, why not review them all while we’re at it, right? Well, today we’re looking at our 7th place finisher, the Ridgid 625 Tape Measure. Combining accuracy, durability, and a solid feature set, the flagship Ridgid model has all the tools to help you measure twice and cut once.

For a more in-depth look at the Ridgid 625 Tape Measure, check out the full review here.


Ridgid 625 Highlights

One of the things we found impressive about the Ridgid 625 tape measure came down to its ability to take a beating. Admittedly, we were rough on it, dropping it from a 10′ ladder over 30 times. But, this Ridgid model features a steel case with some impact-resistant rubber overmolding. The result is a tape measure that can bounce off of concrete a number of times without totally breaking down. In the end, we banged it up a bit and snapped off a part of the thumb lock, but this tape measure still functioned reasonably well.Ridgid 625 Tape Measure

We also liked the double-sided blade with a nylon coating. Measurement printing on both sides of the blade helps with visibility in a number of different positions, and the nylon coating helps resist abrasion and smooths out the action when pulling out the blade. Additionally, the Ridgid 625 features a double-sided hook that not only grips from all angles, but it also features a slot to attach the hook to a nail.

Ergonomically, the Ridgid 625 makes a strong case for itself. Ridgid sized it so that it fits naturally in the hand, and the rubber overmold makes for a comfortable grip.Ridgid 625 Tape Measure

The Ridgid 625 Tape measure features 25′ of tape with markings every 1/16″. It retails for around $24.39, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.Ridgid 625 Tape Measure

Final Thoughts

Ridgid made a really solid and functional tape measure when they released the 625 model. It has the features you would expect from a pro-quality tape measure, as well as a few extras that are nice to have. The fact that we had such a hard time breaking it from 10′ means that when you inevitably drop it from belt-height, it really shouldn’t matter too much.

The only downside, and it’s really not a huge speed bump, is the price. It runs just a bit on the high side, compared to some comparably equipped models. But, for those of you who already appreciate the tools that Ridgid makes, this one won’t be the one that disappoints you.

Check out our full review of the Ridgid 625 Tape Measure at ProToolReviews.com.


Ridgid 625 Tape MeasureRidgid 625 Tape Measure Features

  • Built-in shock bumper reducing impact when rewinding
  • Double-sided full steel hook. The slotted feature allows you to hook onto a nail
  • Stainless steel case with full surround anti-slip rubber offers more durability and comfort while easily resisting impacts
  • Heavy-duty, 2-sided nylon-coated blade, resists abrasion and breakage
  • Superior blade-to-hook strength
  • Wide blades featuring large numbers for easier reading
  • Durable stainless steel belt clip
  • Tape measures with rubber grip and stainless bodies tape available in 16′ and 25′ lengths
  • Extra wide 1 1/16″ heavy-duty, 2-sided nylon coated blade, resists abrasion and breakage
  • Anti-slip rubber surround with stainless clad case, grips in the toughest conditions

Ridgid 625 Tape Measure

Ridgid 625 Tape Measure Specs

  • Model: Ridgid 625
  • Length: 25′
  • Mark Lines: 1/16″
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price:  $24.39

For more information about Ridgid’s line of tape measures, check them out by clicking here.



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