The 25-foot Lufkin Black Widow Tape Measure

25-Foot Lufkin Black Widow

We recently got to play around with Lufkin’s most impressive offering to date. If you’re crazy about tape measures, and my experience with industry pros tells me that a lot of you collect tape measures like baseball cards, you owe it to yourself to check out this unorthodox model. The 25-foot Lufkin Black Widow features a solid build, some neat design features, and a super-visible blade.

The Word From Lufkin

“Pros are looking for tape measures that are easy to use and have a long service life. The Black Widow is easier to use because its unique two-sided green-on-black blade improves readability in different lighting conditions. Plus, it has an ergonomically designed, extremely compact case, so it fits better in your hand. The case is held together with five screws rather than the traditional four, making it more durable.”
-Brendan Walsh, Senior Product Manager at Lufkin

25-foot Lufkin Black Widow Highlights

25-Foot Lufkin Black WidowThe big news with the 25-foot Lufkin Black Widow is that they’ve used a high-contrast green paint on a black blade to denote markings. The visual effect here, stunning though it is, has more practical application than mere dramatic aesthetic. The blade remains highly visible in most lighting you could realistically expect from job site conditions.

Along with the green markings, the Black Widow features a matte black, double-sided blade. The nylon matte coating on the blade reduces glare and also extends the blade life. The tape has a 360-degree end hook which easily clasps onto surfaces. Four heavy-duty rivets attach the end hook to the blade for greater durability. We’ve used lots of tapes with only two or three. The blade width allows for a 10-foot standout, and a compact black case houses 25 feet of measuring tape.

Additionally, the Lufkin Black Widow Tape Measure features an ergonomic, thermoplastic over-molding for increased impact resistance. It also makes it pretty comfortable to hold. Lufkin’s Black Widow tape includes an integrated tether point you can use to keep from dropping it when working at height.

Available at hardware stores and online retailers, the 25-foot Lufkin Black Widow tape measure retails for under $18.00.

25-Foot Lufkin Black Widow

Final Thoughts

Historically, Lufkin tape measures might not be as durable as some of the other pro-level tape measures, but they’re generally inexpensive and they get the job done. However, this tape moves closer to the premium category, and it looks like Lufkin makes some durability moves that bear consideration. This is an interesting take on the blade – black with green markings. Green is easier for the human eye to pick up (which is why we prefer green lasers over red) and the black provides some excellent contrast. Other brands still use the classic black marks on yellow tape, and some have experimented with black on white. I haven’t seen anyone else try this yet, and it seems to work.

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25-Foot Lufkin Black Widow Tape Measure Features

25-Foot Lufkin Black Widow

  • 1-3/16” Dual Sided Black Blade
  • Consecutive Inches to 16ths on Both Sides, Vertical Read Out on Back, Horizontal on Front
  • 10 Foot Standout for Longer Reach and Efficient Measuring
  • Reversed Color Blade for Improved Legibility in Lowlight Conditions, Hi-Viz Green Marking for Excellent Contrast
  • Matte Nylon Blade Coating in Conjunction with Black Blade Offer Reduced Glare in Outdoor Applications
  • Dual End-Hook Grips on All Sides Makes Marking and Measuring Easier
  • Rugged Rubber Over Mold Housing For Increased Impact-Resistance

25-Foot Lufkin Black Widow Tape Measure Specs

  • Material ID: L1025B
  • UPC: 037103310200
  • Case Color: Black
  • Blade Width: 1-3/16″
  • Blade Length: 25′
  • Price: $17.48

Be sure to check out the full review of the 25-Foot Lufkin Black Widow Tape Measure on

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