Tuffy Under Seat Lockbox Video Review – 16GA Welded Steel

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Final Thoughts

Installing the Tuffy Products lockbox was a breeze and the quality of the box is noticeable in every way. The 16GA welded steel and powder-coat textured finish lead the feature pack, while the fit and finish follow a close second. The split lids in the box match perfectly with the split seat design, making it easy to access the box from the driver or passenger side.

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We installed the Tuffy Under Seat Lockbox in a 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck. The owner was looking for a place to keep valuable items (tools, firearms, etc.) in his truck, without them being in sight. Tuffy Products is recapturing the lost space under the rear seat of pickups and using it for secured storage.

Tuffy Under Seat Lockbox Features

The first noticeable feature with the Tuffy Products lockbox is the 16 gauge welded construction. While this box is not too heavy, it does have some weight, hence aiding in rigidity and security.  In addition, at every latch connection, additional 1/8″ welded steel keeps a tight lid on your belongings.

Under the split lids is more than 3,500 cubic inches of storage. Tuffy has really maximized the space under the rear seat, even adding the split lids to match the split seats. This split design allows you to lift either rear cushion and access your contents. A powder-coated textured finish hides any fingerprints or grime and provides excellent protection.

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Installing the Tuffy Lockbox

The only tool you’ll need for installing the Tuffy under seat lockbox is a ratchet and socket to remove the two nuts holding down your rear seat. We used our Milwaukee Mid-Torque impact wrench to speed up the process. Installing the box and brackets doesn’t require drilling. Just place the brackets over the seat bolts, then re-tighten the nuts. Four security bolts go through the brackets and into the box, then thumb-screws secure the box to the brackets.

Final Thoughts

We’re thoroughly impressed with the Tuffy Products lockbox, and the installation is very simple. This box can easily be installed in less than 10 minutes. Street price is about $400, which seems perfectly acceptable for the quality of this box. Tuffy makes boxes specific for your make, model, and year. The excellent fit underneath the seat, the split-top design, and the steel construction allow us to easily recommend the Tuffy Under Seat Lockbox. For more information on Tuffy Products, click here.

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