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If you carry jumper cables, then you may want to rethink replacing those cables with a Weego jump starter battery. If you don’t carry jumper cables, then I definitely recommend you getting the Weego Pro JS18.

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A Duramax 6.6L diesel in a Chevy Silverado 2500HD; the Weego Pro JS18 jump starter battery actually started this truck that had a dead battery. When we got the Weego Pro JS18 in for review, I confidently believed that it would be great for charging phones, laptops, chargers, etc. I also believed that it may handle starting a 4-cylinder gas motor, or maybe a small displacement V-6. I had no hopes that it would be able to start vehicles in my fleet, which consist of a 6.6L Diesel, 6.2L Gas, and 7.4L Gas.

I’ve carried this in my backpack, in my truck and on family outings for a couple of months now, and the Weego jump starter battery saved the day on more than a few occasions. Many times, the solution was charging cell phones or keeping a laptop alive, but there have been instances where a jump was needed as well. The Weego is very simple to use and it only takes seconds to configure as to the application.

Hard Work – Cranking Engines

Weego JS18 Charging Light

Weego JS18 Charging the Monster MS10175 Foldable LED Worklight – Preparing for a Night in the Woods

I was at the baseball park where we spend much of our family time, with three out of my five kids being boys. While getting in my truck, I see a Honda Accord with the hood open and jumper cables leading to the car beside. I didn’t think much of it, I was just glad to see that someone was helping this single mom. As we loaded the truck, I recognized that the jumper cable solution wasn’t working. They were doing the “rev the engine higher” routine, but to no avail. Obviously, I couldn’t let this lady sit with a non-running car and dead battery.

Even though I had been carrying the JS18 for weeks, I had yet to test in a real-world dead battery scenario. I pulled the Weego Pro out of my backpack, loaded in the battery leads and proceeded to the car. They looked at me a little funny when I wanted to unhook the jumper cables to hook up my little black box. Their eyes were big as saucers when the Honda V6 roared to life almost instantaneously; at the same time, I stood amazed as well. The lady I helped and her prior helper (jumper cable guy) both took pictures of my awesome Weego black box.

Cranking the Duramax 6.6L


Still, would it work on a big-boy engine?! The time came for the true test last week when my 2012 Duramax Diesel decided to not start. The culprit was a dead battery. With tongue in cheek, I pulled out the Weego to see what it would do, fully expecting to pull out the extension cord to hookup my battery charger. I attached the Weego battery leads to the battery, hit the key and it fired up. Jaw…Drop!! If that’s not enough, I did this four times on the Duramax over three days, because I drug my feet to replace the battery. Two of the jump starts were done without recharging the Weego. Forgive the horrible phone video, but you can see the proof in the Instagram clip below.

Weego Pro JS18 Jump Starter Battery Features

Weego Pro JS18 Jump Starter Battery and Accessories

Weego Pro JS18 and Accessories

Included with the Weego JS18, you get a 18,000mAh lithium-polymer battery that is built to output peak current of 600A. Weego states that the JS18 is capable of charging engines up 9.6L Gas and up to 4.8L Deisel. Two USB ports for 1A and 2A output charging will charge any phone or tablet, and be able to do it multiple times between charges. A built-in flashlight with a strobe and SOS signal keep you safe in the night, if you happen to be stranded on the side of the road. The Weego Pro JS18 jump starter battery also has 12V and 19V outputs for charging laptops and typical 12V accessories.

For longevity and durability, built-in circuitry protects unwanted spikes and surges. The lithium-polymer battery only loses 2-5% of it’s charge each month, so the Weego can actually last for over a year without being charged. To protect from the manufacturer defects, the Weego jump starters include a 18-month warranty. Included in the box, you get: precharged battery pack, jumper cables, wall & car chargers, 3-in-1 USB charging cord (with Micro, 30-pin & lightning connectors), 8 popular PC-based laptop/device connectors with adapter cable, carrying case, owner’s manual, & quick start guide.

Concluding Remarks

Jumper cables take up valuable real estate in your vehicle, and they only serve one purpose. But, let’s face it, when you need them, they are worth all the hassle and the money. What’s great about the Weego Pro JS18 jump starter battery, you feel assured, knowing you can jump-start a dead battery. You also get the added benefit of it stowing away in a small spot, while it also charges your devices. From phones to tablets, laptops and any other portable device you can think of, the Weego has you covered.

Weego Pro JS18 Charged by TechLife

Weego JS18 Refreshed by the TechLife GRID Powerstrip

For just $170 street price, the Weego is not exactly cheap. At the same time, look at the benefits and assets that it brings. One jump-start will save you money and time that will probably pay for itself. The simplicity of the Weego adds a lot of value as well. It’s no problem to be able to walk someone through the steps to use this, as with my wife recently. If you carry jumper cables, then you may want to rethink replacing those cables with a Weego jump starter battery. If you don’t carry jumper cables, then I definitely recommend you getting the Weego Pro JS18.


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