Woodtek 163-703 Bench Casters

Woodtek 163-703 Bench Casters

Woodworker’s Supply released some new Woodtek 163-703 bench casters today that are made for lifting and moving wooden benches, storage cabinets or other similar items. The swivel caster wheels are 2-1/2” in diameter and are designed to roll
smoothly over hard surfaces. When you engage the steel step down levers, the mechanism will lift the attached bench or cabinet a full 3/4” off the floor. This is perfect if you want to move a bench and avoid any potential scuffing from uneven floors or even sawdust. The system works simply—you just step down on the lever to lock and lift the bench or cabinet, and you lift up on the mechanism (with your foot) to release and lower.


Woodtek 163-703 Bench Casters Installation

Putting the Woodtek 163-703 bench casters onto your bench or cabinet is actually quite simple. You just mount the steel frame of the casters 3/8” from the bottom of the cabinet side or leg. (The bottom mounting hole should be 3/4” from the floor.) That’s pretty much it. They recommend #10 or larger wood screws for wood and 1/4″ machine screws if you’re putting these onto sheet metal or steel.

Woodtek 163-703 casters

Woodtek 163-703 Bench Casters Specs:

  • Load capacity is 500 lb for a set of 4 casters
  • Clearance: 5/8″
  • Fasten to cabinet or workbench legs with #10 or larger wood screws (wood) or with 1/4” machine screws (metal)
  • Sold as a set of four
  • Fasteners are not included

Woodtek 163-703 casters installation

At around $60 these look to be some decent quality casters for getting your tables moved around from time to time (sweeping is going to get a lot easier!)


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