AutoMeter GPS Speedometer in a 496 BBC Jet Boat

AutoMeter GPS Speedometer FI

We installed a new AutoMeter GPS Speedometer in a 496 big-block Chevy-powered jet boat. This replaced an old worn out pito-tube speedometer that no longer worked. In addition to dressing up the dash, the new AutoMeter speedometer also adds features built into the unit. We not only could tell how fast we were going, but we could also see our peak speed.

496 BBC Jet Boat

AutoMeter GPS Speedometer Features and Install

Adding this GPS speedometer has to be one of the easiest upgrades that you can do for your dash. This not only applies to boats but also muscle cars, classic cars, hot-rods, and any other vehicle. The AutoMeter speedo includes a LED screen providing real-time data. Two buttons on the speedometer allow you to toggle through the features, as well as you can clear some of the functions as well. The Odometer and Hour Meter will continue to sequentially increase as the boat is run; however, the Trip meter and Peak Speed can be cleared with the right button. The GPS speedometer also includes the Time (GMT), Location (long & lat), in addition to 7 brightness levels.

AutoMeter GPS Speedometer 2


Solid Connections

Installation was a breeze. You just have to connect two 12V power wires (ignition and light-switch), ground wire, and the coax GPS antenna. Since we don’t have a light switch, we just jumpered our 12V ignition to our 12V light connector. Our battery-powered Milwaukee M12 solder iron and M18 heat gun made quick work of the soldering and heat-shrink. Also, the tools stand up on their own, keeping the hot areas from surface contact. This is especially nice when in the boat.

Final Thoughts

We really like the AutoMeter GPS Speedometer and it was a cinch to install. There is no real setup, other than just letting the GPS acquire a signal. The needle sweep is very smooth, hence the speedo communicates with the GPS 10x each second. We easily recommend this GPS speedometer for anyone looking dress up their dash or that wants to know their true speed. You can pick up the AutoMeter Pro-Comp 3-⅜” GPS Speedo for about $350, and it’s another $65-70 for a new GPS antenna. We chose the white face with blue letters, but AutoMeter has many other flavors to choose from, including carbon fiber. For more information, click here.


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