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FOX Factory Race ATS Stabilizer FI

FOX Factory Race ATS Stabilizer 2.0 Features

We put the FOX Factory Race ATS Stabilizer on a 2020 Jeep Wrangler to see if we could improve the steering a little. Just adding this stabilizer improved the steering much more than just a little. Typically, you step up to a steering stabilizer like this when you’re adding larger tires, wheels, and a lift. Anticipation is there for these owners to do this soon, but they thought they’d get ahead of the game and install the stabilizer before the other upgrades. Results prove this wasn’t a bad decision. Many owners of a straight-axle 4wd will encounter the “death wobble” at some time during their ownership. While the FOX ATS Stabilizer may not eliminate that possibility, it can greatly mitigate it.

FOX ATS 24-Click Adjustments

24-Click Adjustments

ATS is an acronym for Adjustable Through Shaft which allows the owner to adjust the amount of dampening in the stabilizer. A screw at one end of the FOX ATS steering stabilizer offers 24-clicks; hence, 24 different adjustments to steering firmness. The detents in the clicks are well pronounced, so you can definitely feel each turn of the screw.

Installing the FOX ATS Stabilizer

Not only is installing the FOX ATS 2.0 Stabilizer a breeze, it also utilizes all the factory hardware and fasteners. You do eliminate one factory bracket and bolt, while adding the included FOX bracket for the 2018-up Jeep Wrangler. With our Milwaukee 12V Stubby Impact Wrench, 18mm socket, and 13mm socket, we made quick work of removing the old stock dampener. As quickly as we removed the old, we installed the new FOX stabilizer in no time as well.

Installing FOX ATS Stabilizer

Installing FOX ATS Stabilizer

This simple project that took us less than an hour to accomplish greatly improved the steering and handling of this 2020 Jeep. We initially set the dampening adjustment screw to 12-clicks clockwise. This is right in the middle for firmness. The FOX Factory Race ATS Stabilizer 2.0 will set you back about $449, but it will provide much-needed handling improvements in your 4×4.

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