Struts and Suspension Upgrade – Arnott Escalade Conversion Video

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Our Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum struts and suspension were very tired and in dire need of an upgrade. We reached out to Arnott Industries for their coil spring conversion kit. The kit includes new Eibach struts for the front, and it included Eibach shocks for the rear. You also get new Arnott coil springs for the back as well. These coil springs are made in the USA by Arnott. The whole system is engineered in the USA and also assembled in the USA.

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Existing Struts and Suspension – Magnetic Ride Control

This Escalade came with the Electronic ride control, which monitored the front shocks continually. When the computer sensed certain situations, it would activate the magnetic fluid in the strut dampening. This action would either make a stiffer strut or more cushiony/luxurious. When these struts go bad, they stay very stiff and hitting a pot-hole like a giant hit your car with a light-pole. The existing rear shocks are controlled by an onboard air compressor. A level-monitor activates a compressor, as needed, to raise or lower the rear shocks. Over time, these shocks break down, and the compressors go out as well.

Arnott Springs Made in USA

Arnott Springs Made in USA

Arnott Coil Spring Conversion Kit – C-3185

  • Part Number C-3185
  • UPC Code 815710017565
  • Product Type Coil Spring Conversion Kit
  • Vehicle Fits 2007-2014 Cadillac Escalade (GMT936 (ESV) & GMT946 (EXT))
  • Dimensions 9 x 15.63 x 30.63
  • Weight 58.80 lbs
  • Rear Coil Springs Made of US Steel
  • Custom Valved Front & Rear Eibach Shocks
  • Exclusive Patented Electronic Bypass Module
  • Retail: $730

Final Thoughts

We’re very happy with the ride quality of the Arnott Struts and Coil Springs. The ride is firm enough for handling corners, without body roll, and it’s still soft enough to still be a luxury SUV. This conversion kit is about 1/3 the price of renewing the stock suspension. The new components do add a bit of rake (higher in the rear), but it’s already settling and it really doesn’t bother me. This is a great option for replacing that expensive and dying electronic ride control.

Click here to find more information on the Arnot Industries Coil Spring conversion kit.

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