Aircat 6 Inch Orbital Sander Central Vac 6700-6-336CV – First Look

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Pneumatic (air) sanders have been around for decades. We like to see when new products improve on these older tool platforms. The Aircat 6 Inch orbital sander delivers with better ergonomics and performance, hence a more comfortable and faster sander. While we do have the Aircat 6700-6-336CV sander in our shop, this is just our first look or first report for features and thoughts. We will follow up with a full review.


Aircat 6 Inch Orbital Sander with Central Vac Features

Aircat 6 Inch Orbital Sander 6700-6-336CV_7Aircat features a lubrication free motor with the 6700-6-336CV orbital sander, so no need for that daily dose of oil. Without the oil added, the chance of contamination to the work-piece lessens. In addition, the motor receives two patented features. A double sealed motor prevents dust contamination, as well as the anti vibration design reduces vibration levels. Ergonomics improve with the reduced vibration, furthermore Aircat adds a smooth throttle plunger lever for additional comfort.

The user controls the speed of the pad and sanding disc in two ways. The plunger/throttle variably increases RPMs as the lever is depressed with your palm, as well as a variable valve, controlled by the user’s thumb, throttles airflow input. Airflow consumption of the Aircat 6 Inch orbital sander flows at only 1.6 CFM. A more efficient air sander means you hear that compressor run less often – must to our ears. Speaking of ears, the advanced silencing technology, which Aircat is known for, reduces the dBA level to only 75. In case you didn’t know, OSHA guidelines state that a worker can withstand 8 hours at 85 dBA before suffering hearing loss. Here at STR, we are all for more comfort, a better tool and less noise.

Aircat 6700-6-336CV Orbital Sander Specifications

  • Pad/Bonnet Size: 6″
  • Orbit: 3/16″
  • Pad Type: Hook & Loop
  • No. Vacuum Pad Holes: 6
  • Free Speed: 11,000 RPM
  • Weight: 2.0 lbs.
  • Length w/ Pad Fitted: 8.4″
  • Width w/ Pad Fitted: 6.0″
  • Height w/ Pad Fitted: 4.3″
  • Noise Level: 75 dBA
  • Vibration Level: 0.8 m/sec2
  • Air Volume: 1.6 CFM
  • Air Inlet: 1/4″ NPT

Our Take

Sanding bodywork on a restoration or sanding wood for a furniture project can be a mundane task, consequently the sanding process directly affects the finished product. The Aircat 6 inch orbital sander improves ergonomics and dBA (sound levels) to make this process a lot better and enjoyable. We are initially impressed with the performance and build quality of the 6700-6-336CV. After some time with one of our pros, we will follow up with full review of this sander. Keep an eye out in the next week or two for our feedback and rating.


To find out more about the Aircat 6 Inch Orbital Sander 6700-6-336CV Central Vac, click here.

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