Chipex Paint Repair System Video

Chipex Paint Repair

Chipex, a company out of the UK, has come up with a super easy-to-use and affordable solution for fixing those annoying paint scratches and chips in your vehicle’s paint job. The Chipex Paint Repair System works in minutes, and with the company’s online color selection system, you’ll be able to find a color match for your chipped up car or truck.


The Chipex Paint Repair Process

Basically, the Chipex paint repair process starts with cleaning the spot with a microfiber cloth and the provided blending solution. Then, you’ll dab the paint onto the chip or scratch with the microbrush. Allowing a few minutes for everything to dry, you’ll go back to another round with the blending solution, leveling out the new paint. Finally, Chipex provides a polish to make it all pretty again.

The finish won’t look perfect at the end, but unless you’re inspecting everything under a microscope, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.¬†Ultimately, the Chipex paint repair system works really well, and it does its job inexpensively. ¬†The company has a few kits available, which range between $59 and $75.



To learn more about the Chipex Paint Repair System, click here.




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