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If painting bumpers is in your routine, then you need to try Innovative Tools Superstand Bumper Stand. Functionality is very impressive.

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If you’ve done any type of collision repair and bodywork, then you’ve removed your share of bumper covers. Removing and replacing the covers may take some effort, but not anything like the frustration of fighting with one on a scissor stand. Worse yet, using sawhorses for this task may drive you insane. With a little research, I came across the Innovative Tools paint stand, specifically, the Superstand Bumper Stand.

I do a lot of classic car and muscle car restorations, but some of my business centers around light collision repair and used car body repairs. Of these used car body repairs, many consist of repairing front or rear bumper covers. Whether you’re repairing the bumper cover or replacing with new, you still have to prep and paint the bumper cover. For too long I’ve wrestled with scissor stands, bungee cords and clamps. Still, while doing the prep, the bumper cover wants to flop all around.

Doing our car restorations, we can charge T&M (Time and Material), so the more work we do, the more we get paid.  Collision repair, however, is typically a flat-rate price, hence saving time on a job earns us a greater profit. We were really curious if the Innovative Tools bumper paint stand would increase our efficiency in this arena.

Innovative Tools Superstand Bumper Stand Features

5 Angle Settings

5 Locking Positions

First, the Innovative Tools bumper paint stand arrived in a flat box. Assembly of the Superstand Bumper Stand was pretty simple and the instructions included large pictures that even I could figure out. The roller base on the bumper paint stand includes four lockable casters. These provide excellent maneuverability around the shop. These locking casters lock the rolling action of the wheels, as well as locking the swivel axis. This dual locking feature keeps the bumper paint stand from rolling or swiveling.

Vertical square tubing rises above the base connecting to the platform where the bumper cover attaches. This platform swivels from completely vertical to a completely horizontal position (90-degrees). Five different locking positions allow you to adjust the bumper cover to the best position. Particularly, you can adjust the bumper as it would sit on the car, hence you get the paint in the noticeable areas.


Bumper Paint Stand Rubber Skirts

As more and more bumpers are painted, it doesn’t take long for primer and paint to start stacking up. Pretty soon, the buildup of paint can be measured in fractions of an inch, or an inch. Innovative Tools thought ahead on this one and protected the important areas. Any threads on the thumb-screws are covered with a small rubber boot. Furthermore, the adjusting arms that slide in and out include a longer rubber skirt that keeps paint from interfering.

Rubber Boots Protecting from Paint

Rubber Boots Protecting from Paint

Quick and Easy Clamps

Spring-Loaded Clamps

Spring-Loaded Clamps

Two supporting arms adjust to where you need them, based on the geometry of the bumper. Not only is it very simple to adjust the arms in or out with the thumb-screws, but spring-loaded clamps at the end of the arms make attaching to the bumpers quick and easy. These clamps rotate in any position to ensure the best fitment and they don’t interfere with the painted surface.

The only connection points needing action are the two spring-clamps. A foam-covered cross-bar bears the brunt of the bumper weight. To install the bumper, you just place it over the cross-bar then attach the two spring-clamps. Some adjustment may be needed by loosening the thumb-screws and moving the bars in/out.


I never want to go back to playing Twister with bumper covers and a scissor stand again. The Innovative Tools bumper paint stand made a believer out of me. The Stuperstand Bumper Stand is easy to set up and even easier to use. Locking roller casters give it even more stability when sanding the attached bumper, and my favorite feature is the rubber boots protecting from paints and coatings. Purchasing the Superstand will set you back about $320, however this can be recovered quickly in time savings. I give two thumbs-up to the Innovative Tools Bumper paint stand, and it comes with a 3-year warranty.


Innovative Tools Bumper Paint Stand Specifications

  • Locking Pin

    Locking Pin

    Holds any plastic bumper cover without touching the painted surface

  • Makes repairs, prep and painting faster and easier
  • Protective Gear: Rubber boots keep critical areas overspray free
  • Warranty: 3-Year
  • Dimensions: 44″W x 30″D x 53″H
  • Width Adjustment: 53″W – 78″W
  • Weight: 37 lbs.
  • Price: $318


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