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Working body filler is not a ton of fun. Why not use the right stuff for the job. USC Feather-rite applies easier and sands easier than the competition. Check it out!

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If you do any sort of body work, then your job more than likely entails using body filler. USC (US Chemical) Feather-rite lightweight body filler (#21330) is known to be a top brand. With supply stores pushing their own brands, or generic brands, we wanted to compare the USC Feather-rite to a store/generic brand lightweight body filler.

US Chemical is owned by Valspar, which is expanding their brand awareness from house paint in the big-box store, to commercial painters, to automotive paint, to body repair products and coatings. It only took a few seconds to realize that the generic brand is no match for the USC Feather-rite. In all aspects the USC brand was much better. From application, to power sanding and block sanding, Feather-rite reigned supreme.

USC Feather-rite Lightweight Body Filler vs. Generic

The generic store brand (Smart) had a very short working time, and I used the amount of hardener recommended. Once the generic filler started getting sticky, the filler started pulling and creating large holes and gaps in the filler. The USC Feather-rite had a much larger working time window, and just the application was much better. The Feather-rite spread like a thin and smooth peanut butter, and continued to do so until it flashed.

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US Chemical Feather-rite SpreadingWe applied both fillers on the same door, side by side, within a few minutes of one another. Our weather in Central Florida was perfect. The temperature was 78 F and the humidity was low. This is perfect conditions for bodywork and paint. After the fillers hardened, we sanded first with our Ingersoll Rand 328b orbital sander with 36-grit to knock down the edges and high spots. Finally, we block-sanded with 80-grit to prepare for primer.

Final Cut

With only the few dollars difference between the USC Feather-rite and the generic brand. I don’t understand why anyone would choose to the go the lesser route. We believe that more labor time and money will be spent using the lesser filler, costing much more than the difference saved.

You can find USC Feather-rite lightweight body filler on amazon for just over $20 per gallon.  Click here.


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