Coats 6275 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer

Coats 6275 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer

This Coats 6275 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer is perfect for shops that require an easy to move balancer, and at the same time a perfect solution to accurate, precise balancing. It is designed with a reduced overall size, and because of its casters, no lifting is required with the Coats 6275. You can simply roll the balancer into the position you desire, and crank it up with the lift handle.


It features an automatic distance and diameter gauge that allows measurement of the distance of the wheel from the machine and the wheel diameter at the point of application of the counterweight. The Coats 6275 also offers a wheel lifting lever that allows lifting the wheel from the ground without using a lift to spin it, and a manual spinning lever.

Additionally, the Coats 6275 heavy duty wheel balancer features an intuitive self-diagnosis and self-calibration, which lets the operator quickly and easily balance almost any rim. Coate has made the 6275 versatile, as it can operate on 115V outlet or on any 12V or 24V vehicle battery. In addition, it is equipped with a mechanical reduction gear that makes hand spinning effortless.

Coats 6275 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer Key Features

  • Coats 6275 WheelsEasy-to-move, portable balancer
  • No lift required, effortlessly lift even the heaviest single wheel
  • Mechanical reduction gear, makes hand spinning a breeze
  • Automatic Distance and diameter gauge
  • Wheel lifting lever
  • Manual spinning lever
  • Intuitive menu, featuring self-diagnosis and self-calibration
  • Flexible, operate on 115V outlet or on any 12V or 24V vehicle battery

Coats 6275 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancer Specifications

  • Single-phase power supply: 12 – 24 V DC 0,15 A
  • Protection class: IP 54
  • Balancing speed: 70 rpm TRUCK
  • Balancing speed: 100 rpm CAR
  • Cycle time: 8-20 seconds
  • Balancing accuracy: 1 gram/0,1.oz (car) – 10 grams/0,5.oz (truck)
  • Position resolution: ± 0.7°
  • Average noise: < 70dB (A)
  • Rim-machine distance: 0 – 300 mm / 0 – 11,8 inches
  • Rim width setting range: 1.5″ ÷ 20″ or 40 ÷ 510 mm
  • Diameter setting range: 10″ ÷ 30″ or 265 ÷ 765 mm
  • Max. wheel diameter: 1300 mm / 51,2 inches
  • Rim Diameter: 8″–30″
  • Rim Width: 20″
  • Tire Diameter: 50.5″
  • Shaft Diameter: 40mm
  • Footprint: 72″w x 62″d
  • Shipping Weight: 321 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 Year on parts; 90 days on labor and on-site charges
  • Price: $7,465.86


Coats is one of the brands that Hennessy Industries carry. Hennessy Industries designs, builds and markets wheel-service equipment, accessories and consumables under these other brand names, AMMCO, BaseLine and BADA. Click here to visit their site.

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