Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Air Compressor Twin Stack 4.6-gallon Review

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Final Thoughts

Every shop needs a compressor. We found the Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Compressor to be quiet enough to have a conversation over, and yet powerful enough to get the jobs done.

An air compressor is a multi-purpose tool that just about any Pro, beginner or veteran, needs in his/her arsenal.  Used for tire inflation, stapling, painting, and nailing, they are also notoriously noisy tools.  Campbell Hausfeld boasts that their line of electric quiet compressors are up to 50% quieter than their competitors, and that you supposedly can have a conversation over the noise.  I use my air compressor at least once per week, so when I was offered the new Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Air Compressor twin stack, I jumped at the opportunity to try it out and see if it lived up to the hype.

What’s In The Box

You are buying the compressor only—nothing else.  It does not come with hoses or any other accessories.  It has two air outlets with 1/4 inch quick-connect couplers.  I bought my old pancake air compressor as part of a kit, which came with hoses and accessories.  I almost knocked a star off of “Value” for this quiet compressor since it’s much pricier than my pancake compressor, and it didn’t come with any accessories.  However, a quick price comparison revealed the Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Air Compressor is priced competitively with other “quiet” compressors on the market, which also don’t come with any accessories.


Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Air Compressor Features

Campbell Hausfeld Quiet CompressorThis twin stack compressor’s light weight (38 lbs), slim profile, and ergonomic handle makes it easy to transport.  It has an oil-less, maintenance-free pump.  Basically, you plug it in and go.  The output pressure gauge is conveniently located front and center on the air compressor, and the regulator knob is large and easy to turn.  The on/off switch and condensation release are both levers, which make them easy to find and easy to use.

The tiny knob I twist to release the pressure on my old pancake compressor was hard to find and a pain to use. Twin mufflers help deaden the sound when running. This quiet air compressor sits on four well-balanced, rubberized feet.  Finally, this little guy is solid, well-built, and thoughtfully planned.

If your shop needs are much larger, then be sure to check out our coverage on the Ingersoll Rand Rotary Compressor Installation and Startup.

Testing The Twin Stack Quiet Compressor

Pressure Gauge and ReliefI play music at a reasonable volume (read: not loud) when I’m in my garage working, and I was shocked to find I could still hear it over the tank filling.  I’m accustomed to using an air compressor that’s so loud I use earmuffs during it’s initial filling process.  Clocking in at 1 minute, 39 seconds, the initial fill time is much faster than the pancake compressor I own.  After about 40-50 strikes with my brad nailer at 100 PSI, I clocked the quiet twin stack refill time at 26 seconds.

The Campbell Hausfeld Quiet air compressor is so quiet when it refills, I barely noticed that it had kicked back on.  My daughter walked into the garage while it was refilling, and I could hear the door open and could carry on a conversation with her as it filled without shouting.

CH Double Air OutletsFinal Thoughts

I teach a woodworking class about once a month, and we use an air compressor in every class.  One of the most annoying problems I faced was how noisy my old air compressor was.  It made people jump every time it kicked on, took a couple minutes to refill, and all the while I had to stop teaching and wait because nobody could hear the instruction over the ridiculously loud noise.  I can now safely say none of those problems will plague my class any more.

This lightweight air compressor is quiet, compact, and doesn’t compromise on durability or power.  It will more than get the job done, and it will save your ears (and back) unnecessary strain in the process.

CH Brass Fittings and Braided Stainless LinesCampbell Hausfeld Quiet Compressor Features

  • Lightweight design (38 lbs) for convenient portability
  • Up to 50% reduced noise: 68 decibel rating allows the user to run compressor in home environments
  • Max 125 PSI, free air CFM of 2.2 @ 90 PSI and 3.2 @ 40 PSI
  • Key components that are designed to last up to 4 times longer than conventional oil-free air compressor
  • Twinstack configuration makes this unit ideal for contractors and DIYers
  • The conveniently placed gauges and regulator allow for easy monitoring of tank and line pressure


DC040500 Quiet Compressor Specs

  • Model: DC040500
  • Tank Capacity: 4.6 gallon
  • Max PSI: 125
  • Free Air CFM: 2.2 @ 90 PSI
  • 3.2 @ 40 PSI
  • Voltage: 120 Volt
  • Pump: Oil-less
  • Unit Weight: 38 lbs
  • Tank Outlet Size: 1/4 in. IM Quick Connect
  • Designed for:
    • inflation
    • hobby painting
    • stapling/fastening
    • nailing

You can get your Campbell Hausfeld Quiet Air Compressor, just click here.

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