DeWalt FlexVolt Air Compressor – DCC2560T1 60V MAX

DeWalt FlexVolt Air Compressor FI

Not too many years ago, to have a remote compressor meant you were driving the compressor via gasoline powered engines. Using brushless motors and lithium ion batteries, we now have battery powered compressors, albeit many of them don’t do much in the way of real work. Enter the DeWalt FlexVolt Air Compressor. The DCC2560T1 kit includes the 60-volt 2.5-gallon compressor, 6.0 Ah FlexVolt battery (2.0Ah @ 60V), and a charger.


DeWalt FlexVolt Air Compressor Features

The brushless motor and FlexVolt 60-volt battery powers the compressor to deliver 1.2 SCFM at 90 psi. Sitting on the bottom is the 2.5-gallon pancake tank, which provides enough volume to deliver six nails from a framing nailer before cycling. Using 2-inch 18ga nails, we were able to get 12 shots in before the compressor cycled. The compressor pressurizes to 135 psi, and it takes about two minutes to completely fill, from empty. The compressor cycles back on once the pressure drops below 100 psi, which only takes 30 seconds to refill.

Controlling the output pressure is as easy as turning the regulator dial to your desired output PSI. A single air outlet provides a connection for your typical 1/4″ nipple. To keep the DeWalt FlexVolt air compressor tank from rusting, a 1/4-turn ball valve allows you to quickly release air pressure and moisture. To keep vibrations down a bit, the FlexVolt compressor includes four rubber feet (isolator pads) that are screwed to the bottom of the frame.


Understanding FlexVolt – 20-volt – 60-volt

FlexVolt 6.0 Ah Battery

FlexVolt 6.0 Ah Battery

The 6.0 Ah marking on the battery can be easily misunderstood. The 6.0 Ah is only if the battery is being used for the 20V. When being used at 60V like with the DeWalt FlexVolt air compressor, then it’s only 2.0 Ah (@60V).

Final Thoughts

Using the DeWalt FlexVolt air compressor is simple, and it’s worked flawlessly in our testing. We were able to shoot framing nails and finish nails without an issue. This is best fitted for the finish carpenter or using in the shop for shooting brads or finish nails. DeWalt claims to shoot more than 1,200 18ga brad nails in a single charge of the FlexVolt battery. We would like to see a quick-connect air coupler, so the air hose could be installed with one hand. As for portable compressors go, we would recommend the DeWalt FlexVolt air compressor for anyone shooting small gauge nails and needing portability.

You can purchase the DeWalt FlexVolt Air Compressor DCC2560T1 at the Home Depot for just $299.


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