RYOBI P737D Inflator Video Review

RYOBI P737D High Pressure Inflator FI

RYOBI P737D High-Pressure Inflator Features

I’m sure you’ve had that sinking feeling in your gut when you walk out to that parking lot finding your tire flat. Having the RYOBI P737D high-pressure inflator tucked away in your trunk may change the whole dynamic of this situation. This inflator runs on the One+ 18-volt RYOBI battery and pumps out up to 150 psi. You can purchase this simple tool for just $25 as well, sans battery of course. 

Have you thought about ditching that pneumatic sander? You may want to think about a RYOBI HP 18V Sander. Check out the video!

Looking somewhat like a drill, you get a pistol-style grip with a trigger. The high-pressure hose exits that front while a digital readout resides on the rear of the tool. The digital screen provides the real-time (current) pressure of whatever the hose is connected to. While this is a high-pressure inflator, keep in mind it is not high-volume. In other words, it will take some time to fill an entire tire with air. 

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Redneck Paradise

Obviously, this RYOBI P737D inflator will handle blowing up your favorite football. It will also blow up your favorite raft for the mudhole as well. Don’t think you’ll be without friends either. Once they find out you’re not huffing and puffing, they may offer some unique trades to borrow your RYOBI inflator. 

RYOBI P737D High Pressure Inflator_2

Blow Me Up

With a few samples of our own, we strive to find the reaches of this RYOBI inflator. We combined the 4Ah RYOBI HP battery with our 737D and first up is our favorite pool float. In a little over 4 minutes, the raft went from zero to full inflation and the battery still showed full charge. With one of our Escalade tires totally flat, this provided a great opportunity for large volume and high pressure. It took about 9-1/2 minutes, but this little inflator took the tire to 40 PSI with still half the battery charge left. You can get the RYOBI P737D High Pressure Inflator for just $25 for the bare tool.

RYOBI P737D at Home Depot



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