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The R4i Ingersoll Rand Compressor with the Total Air System filters and conditions your shop air, so you may not need additional filtration throughout your shop. This Ingersoll Rand R-Series is a rotary compressor, hence it’s made to keep up with your air demand.  We’re running our complete 2,000 square foot shop without filters in the air-lines. We’ve been running the Ingersoll Rand R4i with the Total air system, and we have yet to find any moisture in our lines, tools, or our work. We consistently use air tools in the shop, including impacts, sanders, blow-guns, nail guns, and paint guns.

R4i Ingersoll Rand Compressor Features

With the R-Series compressor line, you get a twin rotary-screw compressor on the business-end that produces the constant CFM that you demand. The R-series is built to run constantly, so there’s no worry of overheating when the day lingers on. The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) on the R-series Ingersoll Rand compressor automatically adjusts compressed-air output to produce maximum efficiency. PTFE stainless steel braided oil hoses and O-ring seals ensure leak-free operation.



R4i Ingersoll Rand Compressor

TAS – Total Air System

The Xei Series controller provides an intuitive high-res display providing you feedback for the status of your Ingersoll Rand compressor. You even have the option for web-enabled communication and control through the Xei interface. Furthermore, the stacked design of the R-Series Ingersoll Rand compressor has a much smaller footprint than typical compressors with added dryers, conditioning, and filtration.


TAS – Total Air System

With the TAS unit, you get onboard active conditioning and drying of the compressed air. A refrigerant compressor and heat exchanger, combined with water separation, ensures clean, dry air ready for your best finish.


Final Thoughts

Yes, the step up to a rotary compressor with the TAS (Total Air System) is a bit more, but you no longer have to worry about your desiccant filter filling with moisture. While we don’t necessarily recommend you set up the air in your shop without additional filtration, this is actually what we’ve done, and the R4i Ingersoll Rand compressor has performed flawlessly.

For more information on the R-series Ingersoll Rand compressors, click here.



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