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Using the Ryobi P3410 Grease Gun is very simple and it makes greasing much easier than using two hands to pump a manual grease gun. One charge on a battery will empty more than 15 grease cartridges. Bare tool price for the Ryobi grease gun is just $129.

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Walking out of the shop, headed for vacation, I just happened to grab the Ryobi P3410 Grease Gun that had just arrived. This made short work of greasing the four wheels (bearings) on our tandem axle boat trailer. Yes, I should have greased these before we left, but time didn’t permit and trusted they would survive.

Ryobi Grease Gun Prime Valve

Prime Valve

Ryobi P3410 Grease Gun Features

The Ryobi grease gun runs on their 18V One+ platform. Any Ryobi 18V battery will power the P3410. With a single 4Ah 18V battery, the Ryobi P3410 will power through 17 cartridges of grease. This should be way more than a days work. If you’re doing more than this, you should probably step up to an industrial pneumatic grease gun. Or, just have another Ryobi 18V One+ battery charged and in wait.

Ryobi P3410 Grease Gun Trigger Lock

Trigger Lock

Power output from the Ryobi P3410 grease gun is 10,000 psi. This is more than enough to blow out wheel bearing seals if you’re not careful. A primer valve on the front of the cartridge allows you to easily prime a new grease tube to remove any air gaps. The included 30″ grease hose features strain-relief springs on each end and clamps securely to either side of the Ryobi grease gun for storage. Furthermore, a trigger lock will keep the trigger from accidental pushes and grease flowing everywhere.

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Final Thoughts

The Ryobi P3410 works very well, right out of the box. Setup is no different than another other cartridge grease gun. Insert the new tube, prime it, and pull the trigger. This is a much better recipe than putting the hose on the grease fitting, then using two hands to pump a gun. This P3410 grease gun will shoot either 14.5 oz or 16 oz. cartridges. Bare tool price for the Ryobi grease gun is $129 and should already be hitting Home Depot shelves. If you don’t already have the 18V Ryobi batteries, you can pick up a 2Ah battery and charger for just $59.

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