How To Vacuum Fill Your Coolant System Video Review

Vacuum Fill Coolant OEMTools 24444 FI

How To Vacuum Fill Coolant with OEMTools 24444

We show you how to vacuum fill your coolant system with the OEMTools 24444. This tool and process remove all the air from the system to start with before you add the new coolant. With a complete vacuum on the system, the antifreeze is actually drawn/sucked into the system, rather than relying on gravity.

How To Vacuum Fill Coolant System

OEMTools 24444 Airvac Coolant Refill Kit

The OEMTools 24444 makes allows you to vacuum fill your coolant system in just minutes. Using air pressure from a compressor and airline, the OEMTools system uses a venturi effect to draw a vacuum on the cooling system. The kit includes at least 5 different rubber reducer bushings to ensure an air-tight seal on most vehicles. Once you find the right bushing for the closest fit, just turn the large thumb-screw on the unit to expand the bushing. Plug the air hose into the venturi, then open the valves. This draws air out of the coolant system, even collapsing the rubber coolant hoses.

Vacuum Fill Coolant OEMTools 24444_2

Watching the gauge on the airvac, continue to pull a vacuum until the needle reads 24. Next, open the valve to your coolant container and watch the good stuff flow. The system will continue to draw in the fluid until every void in the system is replaced with coolant.


Mitigating the possibility of trapping air in the coolant system with the OEMTools 24444 is an easy step in the right direction. Using the vacuum fill process on newer cars is also a safer approach to reduce any callbacks from overheating issues. This OEMTools kit is less than $100 on Amazon.



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