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The new Monster cordless circuit tester can be a great tool for a mechanic to quickly identify the problem, or even what is Not the problem.

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Great mechanics stand out from the rest when it comes to diagnosing and troubleshooting. Many times, in looking for the problem, we need to first identify what is not the problem. A great tool for doing this is the new Monster cordless circuit tester. Finding electrical gremlins can be a real pain, so eliminating possibilities from the equation is a great start.

Monster Cordless Circuit Tester MSTCHT504 Features

The Monster cordless circuit tester uses the tech’s hands and body to complete the circuit when testing for electrical continuity. With a finger or hand touching the pocket clip on the tester, another part of the body just needs to be touching ground. As the needle-sharp probe comes in contact with power, the LED light will illuminate and an audible beep will sound. In addition to power, the user can also determine polarity.


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In addition to power, the user can also determine polarity. If the probe is touching 12V+ (positive), the LED will illuminate red. However, if the probe is touching the ground side, the LED will illuminate green.

There is no battery to replace, the internal capacitor is powered and charged with use on the 12V systems. Also, the pocket clip that acts as the ground can be rotated to a more familiar place for the user’s finger or hand to touch.

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Our Point

With so many mechanics in the field, it helps to set yourself apart from the rest. An easy way to do this is becoming a pro at diagnosing and troubleshooting. Using a simple and small tool like the Monster cordless circuit tester allows you to jump into the meat of it right away. Take the top off the fuse block, and quickly touch all the fuses to determine what is and is Not getting power. We can think of a host of other applications for this great little tool.


Check out the Monster MSTCHT504 and other great tools here.

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Brian Boisvert
5 years ago

How can I buy this?