20V MAX XR DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill Driver Video Review

DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill Driver FI

DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill Features

This DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill Driver is part of the 20V XR line but it’s slim and trim much like the ATOMIC line. You get 850 Unit Watts Out (UWO) which is on par with around 800+ in-lbs of torque. The 2-speed gear box delivers 0-650 RPM in Low and 0-2,000 RPM in High via the variable speed trigger. 20V MAX lithium-ion batteries power the brushless motor and an all-metal chuck ensures that the bits stay safely contained. We chose to power our DCD805 with the all-new DeWalt PowerStack Battery, and even with the small footprint, it still packs a punch.

DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill Driver_3

All Metal Chuck

Something brand new is the 3-mode LED light that also has 3 positions. The 3-position switch allows you to turn the LED off, so even if you pull the trigger, there is no light. The second mode will deliver about 40 lumens while the trigger is depressed and will continue to illuminate until 20-seconds after the trigger is release. Finally, the last position will deliver 70 lumens of LED light for 20-minutes, allowing you to use the DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill as a work light. You also get the typical rubber overmolding and ergonomic handle with a slight rake.

DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill Driver_5

3-Position, 3-Mode, LED

DCD805 Clutch

Just behind the 1/2″ metal 3-jaw chuck is a 17-position clutch. You get 15 different Driver clutch positions, then you get a Drill mode that locks out the cluch, and a hammer drill mode. The Hammer Drill mode not only locks the clutch, but it also delivers 0-34,000 BPM for drilling into concrete.

DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill Driver_2

Our Thoughts

This DeWalt DCD805 Hammer Drill Driver chewed through lumber with ease. We used a 7/8″ auger, 1-1/2″ spade bit, and even the 2-9/16″ auger bit. Setting the clutch to Hammer mode, we also drilled through steel plate, a wood 2×4, and a cinder block. The DCD805 and its brother the DCD800 (non-hammer) are supposed to hit the shelves in April 2022. You get a 3-year limited warranty, but price is still undetermined at this time.

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