Milwaukee 2904 Gen 4 Hammer Drill Driver Video Review

Milwaukee 2904 Hammer Drill FI

Milwaukee 2904 Gen 4 Hammer Drill Driver Features

Put the Gen 3 2804 and the Milwaukee 2904 Gen 4 Hammer Drill Driver beside one another. To the untrained eye, you probably couldn’t tell the difference. Size is basically identical, and you can see a small change on the clutch ring. You may also catch the additional little black rectangle near the LED light on the base of the tool. Do you really want to replace your Gen 3 for this new Gen 4 M18 FUEL drill/driver? Let’s find out.

Don’t miss the Milwaukee 2953 Gen 4 Impact Driver which is the brother to this hammer drill. You can purchase the 2904 Hammer Drill/Driver and the 2953 Impact Driver in the 3697 Combo Kit.

Milwaukee 2904 Hammer Drill_3

While the older version delivered 1,200 in/lbs of torque, this new Milwaukee 2904 pushes a little further with 1,400 in-lbs of torque.  As part of the M18 FUEL family, you get a brushless motor that’s powered by a REDLITHIUM 18-volt battery. Two speeds and a variable speed trigger allow the user to produce 0-500 RPM in Low and 0-2,100 RPM in High. Turning the clutch to the Hammer Drill setting provides up to 33,000 BPM (Blows Per Minute). This is a must-have when drilling into concrete.

Milwaukee 2904 Hammer Drill_1

AUTO-Stop Anti-Kickback

The small black rectangle that we talked about in our opening is the notification for AUTO-Stop. This is the feature on the Milwaukee 2904 Hammer Drill that automatically stops the tool if the bit grabs something. We’ve all been there when the drill tries to break your wrist. The Auto-Stop feature kicks in electronically and shuts the tool down. When this happens, the little light at the base of the tool lights up, letting you know it worked. 

Milwaukee 2904 Auto Stop

You can purchase the Milwaukee 2904 M18 FUEL Hammer Drill Driver by itself for $199, but the better choice is the kit. The 2904-22 kit gives you the Drill, 2x 5Ah batteries, and a charger for $299. Even better, you can get the 3697-22 combo kit for $399 which also adds the 2953 Impact Driver.

Milwaukee 2904 Hammer Drill at ACME Tools

Milwaukee 2904 Hammer Drill at Home Depot

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