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Gearwrench Bolt Extractor Sockets FI

I remember rounding the head off my Olds 350 intake manifold in the midst of trying to install a new camshaft…while at college…without my Dad’s permission. The last thing I wanted was for him to find out, and the whole front of the motor was already apart. Boy, these Gearwrench Bolt Biter bolt extractor sockets could have saved my tail. About the Olds 350 – I got it done, but he still found out.
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Gearwrench Bolt Extractor Socket Features

Bolt Biter Gearwrench Bolt Extractor Straight Flutes

Straight Flute Design

Bolt extractor sockets are nothing new, hence they’ve been around for decades, in some form or fashion. However, the Gearwrench Bolt Biter has taken bolt extractor sockets to a whole new level. Most bolt extractor sockets have a twisted-flute design that does pretty well at biting on slightly stripped bolts or fasteners. One of the drawbacks on this design is that they don’t “bite” at all in the reverse (tighten) direction.

These Gearwrench bolt extractors have somewhat of a fluted design, but the flutes are straight – perpendicular to the fastener/bolt head. They are engineered to “bite” even on the roundest of stripped fasteners. In addition to the better grip, this straight-flute design allows the bolt extractor to work in either direction.

Gearwrench Bolt Extractor Socket Set

Bolt Biter Bolt Extractor Socket Kits

Geawrench will be releasing these new Bolt Biter extractor sockets in early 2019, and we’re not sure of the pricing just yet. Bolt Biter kits will be available in 8, 15, or 28-piece sets. We had the chance to use these a little while visiting the Gearwrench booth at SEMA 2018, and we have some really good first impressions. We’re looking forward to getting these in the shop, so we can really put them to the test.

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