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The Crescent brand is synonymous with the adjustable wrench. This new Crescent locking flex ratcheting adjustable wrench will be a great addition to your tool bag.

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The adjustable wrench adorns the toolboxes of young and old, diy weekender and professional. The Crescent brand has been at one with the adjustable wrench since they introduced it in the early 1900s. In fact, you have probably heard people say “hand me that Crescent wrench”, when they only wanted an adjustable wrench. Crescent is expanding on the decades of success with the adjustable wrench. They have now released the Crescent locking flex ratcheting adjustable wrench.

Crescent is a premier hand tool brand from Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers in the world. The original Crescent adjustable wrench was created to replace and entire set of wrenches. Today, the Crescent line has expanded beyond adjustable wrenches to include a wide selection of pliers, ratcheting wrenches, screwdrivers, and tool sets.

Crescent Locking Flex Ratcheting Adjustable Wrench


The Crescent locking flex ratcheting adjustable wrench provides superior access at any angle and currently comes in an 8” version. The compact design enables the user to turn nuts and bolts in locations where other tools can’t be used. The handle is able to flex and lock up to 90° each way, giving a total of 180° flexibility.

Up to 180 degrees flex

A laser-marked scale enables quick and easy adjustment, with clear SAE marks on one side and metric on the other. This wrench works with Four or Six-point fasteners and expands up to 1-3/16”.  Users can  tighten or loosen fasteners without removing or repositioning the wrench thanks to the ratcheting mechanism. Crescent included a rust and corrosion-resisting chrome plated finish for easy cleanup and durability.

Using it Around the Shop

We passed the Crescent flex wrench around to try it in different scenarios. We were pleasantly surprised that the wrench worked as advertised. Being able to flex and ratchet definitely gives the user more opportunity to use this wrench instead of a specialty tool, such as plumbing tools under a sink.

Crescent locking flex ratcheting adjustable wrench


Initially, the concern with this wrench was the ratcheting function, how it would work and feel. I didn’t feel confident that the tool could stay tight enough on the fastener but still be able to ratchet. I must say that I am impressed with how well it actually works.

When tightening or loosening a bolt, you want to put pressure, or turn toward, the adjustable jaw. There is an arrow marking on the handle that shows the correct direction to turn. When doing so this wrench locks the jaw from moving while there is pressure. Once the user releases and applies pressure in the opposite direction, the spring-loaded pivoting head unlocks the adjustable jaw. The jaw opens automatically as the user is applying the pressure toward the stationary jaw. When pressure is applied again toward the adjustable jaw, the jaw opening returns back to the preset position. This again, locks the head and jaw in position.

Flexing Locking 9-position Handle

We found there to be 11 actual positions of the flexible head on the Crescent locking flex ratcheting adjustable wrench. Nine of the positions are lockable, but you actually have 2 more positions that are the full 90° on each side. When the flex handle is locked, there is some movement still, but not excessive. The tool still feels very sturdy even with the flexing handle.

Wrapping Up

There is something satisfying about using simple tools that are applicable to joe homeowner and the pro. I’m not saying that I would replace my wrenches and specialty tools with this Crescent flex wrench. What I am saying is this can be a very handy tool to have in that special drawer in the kitchen. At the same time, this can be something that goes in the toolbox or tool bag for quick access. The markings on the jaws are easy to read and they are actually very accurate. I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Crescent locking flex ratcheting adjustable wrench on a bicycle wheel, welding-gas bottle, plumbing fitting, or anything in between.


To learn more about the Crescent locking flex ratcheting adjustable wrench and to purchase, please click here.

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