Durofix RW1216 12V Cordless Ratchet Video Review

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Durofix RW1216 Cordless Ratchet Features

Have you added a cordless ratchet to your toolbox yet? If you haven’t, then you definitely need to check out the Durofix RW1216 12-volt ratchet. The 2Ah 12-volt battery powers the motor to a max of 260 RPM, controlled by the variable speed trigger. A 3/8″ square anvil with pin-detent allows for easy installation and removal of sockets, while still retaining them during use.

Durofix 1216 Cordless Ratchet LED Light

Value and Power

We’ve reviewed more than a few cordless ratchets here at STR. We have yet to test one that lives up to the marketing claims when it comes to torque. This Durofix RW1216 is no different. Durofix claims 65 ft-lbs of torque. Just like the others before, we were unable to validate these numbers. At the same time, we don’t put a lot of value in torque numbers when it comes to cordless ratchets. Our thoughts are that cordless ratchets are nut-running devices and not impact wrenches.

Durofix RW1216 Cordless Ratchet Weight

More important on these cordless ratchets is that you can use them like a ratchet. Imagine that! Seriously though, you need to be able to break the fastener free with some manual grunt. Or, maybe you need to use that grunt to finish the final tightening on a fastener. The Durofix RW1216 is rated for 120 ft-lbs of manual input. We pushed it even further, using the Durofix 1216 to break free fasteners torqued to 150 ft-lbs. For just $139, you get the Durofix 12-volt ratchet, one 2Ah 12V battery, and a charger. Durofix includes a 1-year warranty.

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