Durofix RW1216 Cordless Ratchet Preview Video

Durofix RW1216 Cordless Ratchet FI

Durofix RW1216 Cordless Ratchet Features

Here in Vegas, at the SEMA Show 2021, we got our hands on the Durofix RW1216 Cordless Ratchet. Their 12-volt lithium-ion battery powers the ratchet. This is an extended-reach ratchet, so you get a further reach than other cordless ratchets on the market. The large variable-speed trigger allows the user to feather the throttle, determining the output. Slow it down to nearly zero, or smash it down for a full 260 RPM.

This Durofix RW1216 cordless ratchet is claimed to have 65 ft-lbs of loosening torque delivered to the 3/8″ anvil. An LED light provides visual sight to the fastener even in dark areas. The cordless ratchet also has a trigger lock to keep the tool from running when you throw it in your toolbox.

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Who’s Durofix

While the Durofix name may be new to you here in the USA, they’ve been manufacturing tools for years. The Durofix name is popular in Asia and Europe, and they’ve also made powertools for other makes for years. Look to see more tools released this year from this brand.

Final Thoughts

Cordless ratchets have become one of the most used power tools in our shop. From our conversations with others, that seems to be the case in many shops. We can’t explain enough that these cordless ratchets don’t replace the need for impact wrenches. This Durofix cordless ratchet is meant to run nuts on and off, not release a rusty lugnut that’s been installed with a bazillion ugga-duggas. With that, we’re looking forward to using and reviewing this new Durofix RW1216 12V cordless ratchet. You can get the RW1216 for about $140, which includes the ratchet, battery, and charger.

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