Gearwrench 85078 Electronic Torque Wrench & Angle Video Review

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GEARWRENCH 85078 Electronic Torque Wrench Features

Torque-to-yield fasteners have really changed the game for torque wrenches, adding degrees of angle to the equation. The GEARWRENCH 85078 electronic torque wrench with angle has the features to take care of both, and then some. While GEARWRENCH has more than a few torque wrenches to choose from, the 85078 boasts a 3/8″ anvil with the capacity to torque fasteners from 10 to 100 ft-lbs.

A backlit LCD screen ensures that you can see your torque and angle values, during daylight and evening hours. With the desired torque value set, the torque wrench delivers visual, audible, and vibration alerts. Once you reach the torque or angle value, the screen changes from green to red, the chirping/beeping changes to a constant, and the handle vibrates.

Torque and Angle Accuracy

No matter what type of torque wrench you’re buying, make sure that you receive the calibration certificate. Also, ensure the torque wrench was calibrated within the past year. Our GEARWRENCH 85078 torque wrench calibration certificate was dated July of this year. CW (clockwise) accuracy for the 85078 is within 2%, while CCW (counter-clockwise) is within 3%. Even tighter tolerance, the Angle feature falls within 1% of the value.

We set the torque to 15 ft-lbs and tightened a fastener, then we set our desired Angle to 80-degrees. Once we applied the 80-degrees of angle, the GEARWRENCH 85078 Electronic Torque Wrench then displayed the 80-degrees and the max torque applied. The max torque, using the initial 15 ft-lbs plus 80-degrees, equated to 95 ft-lbs.

Final Thoughts

Combining torque and angle in the same digital torque wrench does make life a little easier and simpler. You can purchase the GEARWRENCH 85078 3/8″ Electronic Torque Wrench for less than $180, and we recommend buying the 1/2″ variant as well. GEARWRENCH includes a 1-year warranty with these torque wrenches. 

$175 at Amazon


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