Husky Combination Wrench Sets Video Review – 10-piece SAE and Metric

Husky Combination Wrench Sets

Husky is trying hard to prove they have a spot in the Pro mechanics’ tool-chests. As the Home Depot’s tool brand, Husky is shooting for value and performance. Do these Husky Combination Wrench Sets meet the criteria to be considered Pro level? We do our best to answer this, so watch and see!


Husky Combination Wrench Sets Features

Husky Surface GripEach of the Husky Combination Wrench Sets come in a 10-wrench set, in either SAE or Metric. The open end of the wrench features what they call Surface Grip technology. This is pretty typical of many of the anti-slip designs out there today. The corners of the wrench are relieved, allowing the sides to grip the fastener, hence preventing stripped fasteners.

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The boxed end of the Husky Combination Wrench Sets includes a universal design, allowing the wrench to work with many different types of fasteners. Whether you have a 6-point, 12-point, square, spline, E-Torx, or even partially rounded bolts, these Husky combination wrenches have you covered.

Husky Combination Wrench Sets are made forged from chromium-vanadium (Cr-V) steel for durability and strength. They also meet or exceed ANSI standards. Best of all, these 10-piece sets can be purchased for just $29.97, and they include a Lifetime Warranty with no questions, no receipt required.


Husky Combination Wrench Performance and Finish

Husky Wrench TestingWe put these wrenches through a test of trying to shear the head off a standard bolt (non-hardened). We used a 3/8″ bolt with 9/16″ head. The open and boxed-end took care of it with no problem.

Looking closer at the finish of these wrenches, you will notice some imperfection. This shouldn’t be a surprise with the price of these Husky wrenches.

Are the Husky Combination Wrenches Pro quality? We say yes. It may not be the best wrenches we’ve ever put in our hands, however, it is one of the best values.

You can pick up the Husky Combination Wrench Sets from the Home Depot for just $29.97, or click here.




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