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Gearwrench Long Length and Mid Length bit sets help reach fasteners in tight or recessed areas. Many high performance applications nearly require socket-type fasteners, due to the small heads needed for clearance. With these fasteners in close proximity to intake runners and header tubes, longer hex bits are needed to reach these fasteners without obstruction. These Gearwrench bits are a great addition to any mechanic’s toolbox and you’re sure to find a use for them.

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We received the Long and Mid length Gearwrench Bit Set to review. While these hex bits may seem like a simple and boring tool, they actually answer the need for many mechanics. Sometimes socket-head screws (allen head) are recessed or tucked away in hard to reach places. These Gearwrench long length and mid length hex bits make removal and tightening much easier, hence increasing efficiency in the work day.Gearwrench Hex Bit Set Metric or SAE

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Gearwrench Hex Bit Set – Long and Mid Length Features

Gearwrench Mid and Long BitsThe Long length Gearwrench hex bit set comes in metric or SAE. Model numbers are 82537 and 82554 and each include 7 hex bits. Metric sizes are 4mm to 10mm and SAE sizes cover 1/8″ to 3/8″. Models 82546 and 82529 cover the Mid Length bits and they cover the same metric and SAE sizes as the Long length.

At the base of each bit is a bright and shiny chrome 3/8″ drive socket. The business end of the bits are made from S2 hardened steel. S2 steel can be found in knives, chisels, and even hammers; also known as S2 tool steel.

You can purchase the mid-length sets for about $45, while the long-length Gearwrench hex bit set will run you about $60 for SAE or metric. Gearwrench covers their bits with a lifetime warranty.

GEARWRENCH 6 Pc. 3/8″ Drive Long Length Hex Bit Metric Socket Set – 82554

GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. 3/8″ Drive Long Length Hex Bit SAE Socket Set – 82537

GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. 3/8″ Drive Mid Length Hex Bit Metric Socket Set – 82546

GEARWRENCH 7 Pc. 3/8″ Drive Mid Length Hex Bit SAE Socket Set – 82529




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