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Final Thoughts

Available in a 7-piece or 15-piece sets, in both SAE and Metric. Only $69 for the 7-pc and $129.00 for the 15-pc. A lifetime guarantee helps to provide even more value.

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Mechanics can be very picky when it comes to their tools, especially dealing with screwdrivers and wrenches. The new Milwaukee combination wrench sets further Milwaukee’s push into the mechanics’ tool market. Not only are the Milwaukee combination wrench sets cheaper than most competitors, they also carry a lifetime guarantee. We first saw them at the Milwaukee NPS17 (2017 new tool symposium).

You can get the Milwaukee combination wrench sets in a 7-piece or 15-piece set, in both SAE and metric. The 7-piece will run about $69.99, and the 15-piece sells for $129.00. Model 48-22-9407 and 9507 cover the 7-piece SAE and Metric, while model 48-22-9415 and 9515 represent the 15-piece SAE and Metric, both respectively.


Milwaukee Combination Wrench Set Features

SAE is Red, Metric is Black

SAE is Red, Metric is Black

Milwaukee took a pretty cool approach to identifying wrenches by color. The Milwaukee SAE wrenches are red in color, both the case holding them and the ink-filled numbers on the wrench. Metric wrenches include black cases and ink-filled numbers. The 15-piece sets have a plastic case where the wrenches sit, unsecured, so they are easily selected for use. However, the 7-piece sets include a plastic latch that keeps them secure for travel. Milwaukee’s idea is the 15-piece set is made for the toolbox, while the 7-piece is more for the person on-the-go.

Another unique design is in the case of the 15-piece sets. These sets have a square (90-degree) corner on one end, but the other end is angled. This allows the SAE and Metric to sit side by side, forming a rectangle. Great idea for saving space in your toolbox drawer.

The open-end of the Milwaukee combination wrench includes their Max-Bite design, which helps to eliminate slipping on fasteners. The box-end of the wrench is a typical 12-point style design. The body of the wrench is slightly larger in the center, or belly, of the wrench. There’s also a prevalent indention on each side, following the length of the body. This actually feels nice to the grip, allowing the user’s thumb to sit in the recessed area, grasping the wrench securely.


Final Thoughts

At only $69 for the 7-piece sets and $129 for the 15-piece sets, along with a lifetime guarantee, it’s hard not to recommend these Milwaukee combination wrench sets. In addition, they perform really well. We tested the open-end of a 9/16 wrench on a 3/8″ threaded bolt, the Milwaukee wrench applied enough force to break the head of the bolt off.


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