M12 Extended Reach Ratchets from Milwaukee Video Review

Milwaukee M12 Extended Reach Ratchets FI

The Milwaukee M12 extended reach ratchets are a welcomed addition to the well-used M12 FUEL standard reach ratchets in our toolbox. From the buzz around the internet of tools, this seems to be a common thread. You get the same power and features of the older cousins, but just in a further-reaching body.

See the video for more detail.

M12 FUEL 1/4" Drive Extended

M12 FUEL 1/4″ Drive Extended

Milwaukee M12 Extended Reach Ratchets Features

While the standard-reach cordless M12 ratchets included the 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ drives, the new M12 FUEL extended reach ratchets are sans the 1/2″, hence the only options are 1/4″ and 3/8″. Model 2559 is the 1/4″ with 40 ft-lbs of torque, while the model 2560 is the 3/8″ drive with 55 ft-lbs of torque. A long paddle depresses a plunger switch calling on the power of the 12V lithium power to the brushless FUEL motor. Reversing the action is a simple turn at the head, just like a normal ratchet.

More Information on Features and Specs: M12 FUEL Extended Reach Ratchets Article

Milwaukee Tool M12 FUEL Extended Reach Ratchets Preview


Looking at the heads of the new M12 FUEL ratchets and you quickly notice that the 1/4′ drive head is much smaller. Because of this smaller head, this is my main go-to ratchet for jobs. If it’s 1/2″ or 13mm and smaller, we use the 1/4″ drive (2559) extended reach ratchet. If the fastener is 14mm or 9/16″ and larger, we use the 3/8″ drive. This is just a self-proclaimed dividing line that we can quickly determine which tool to grab. An LED about halfway down the ratchet attempts to shine light on the fastener; however, this needs to be upgraded in years to come

1/4" Extended vs. 1/4" Standard M12

1/4″ Extended vs. 1/4″ Standard M12

Final Thoughts

M12 FUEL Ratchets

M12 FUEL Ratchets

If you like the standard reach ratchets, then you’ll love these new extended reach ratchets. They have already proven themselves useful in our shop with a starter replacement and spark plug changeout. If you can afford both sets of the M12 standard and extended reach ratchets, I’d recommend it. If you can only afford one tool, I would recommend purchasing the 1/4″ extended-reach M12 FUEL ratchet.

2559-20: 1/4″ Bare Tool $239

2560-20: 3/8″ Bare Tool $229

2559-21: 1/4″ Kit (tool, 1x 2Ah battery, and charger) $339

2560-21: 3/8″ Kit (tool, 1x 2Ah battery, and charger) $329

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