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Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Socket PACKOUT FI

Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Sockets PACKOUT Set Features

Sometime last year we first got our hands on the new SHOCKWAVE 1/2″ Impact Sockets and were very impressed. To up the game, they’ve now married the proven SHOCKWAVE name with the ever-successful PACKOUT system. Hence, we now have the Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE impact sockets PACKOUT set that includes 31-pieces; 30 sockets, and 1 extension. The included PACKOUT box helps to secure and protect the impact sockets while providing more storage below.

Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE Impact Socket PACKOUT_2

If you’re looking for an impact wrench to go with these, you may want to check out our Compact Impact Wrench Battle with Milwaukee and DeWalt.

These 1/2″ drive SHOCKWAVE impact sockets are split into two removable sets. The SAE set includes all sizes from 3/8″ to 1-1/2″ while the Metric set includes from 10mm to 24mm. Each socket includes a debossed ring and lateral hole through the anvil square. This allows these sockets to be used with friction-ring, pin-detent, and pin & o-ring style anvils. Regardless which impact wrench you have, these sockets should work.

Milwaukee PACKOUT


Debossed Markings

Probably the most prominent feature of these SHOCKWAVE sockets is the debossed numbers filled with paint. The white paint stands out vividly to the flat-black socket background. Both the metric whole numbers and the fractional SAE numbers are large and easy to read, even from a few feet away. A debossed ring around the anvil side of the socket is painted red on both the metric and SAE sockets. We wish they would have differentiated colors between these two sets within a set.

SHOCKWAVE Embossed Sockets

PACKOUT Benefits

This 15″ x 20″ x 4-1/2″ PACKOUT box provides ample room for the impact sockets. A rubber seal and dual latches firmly secure the lid, keeping the water and dust from entering. Below the metric and SAE tray is not only a vacant area, but they also each include a thick foam insert. This foam can be cut to fit additional tools. We outfitted ours with several additional items. You can pick up this Milwaukee PACKOUT SHOCKWAVE 31-piece set for $249 and it includes a lifetime warranty. 

Milwaukee SHOCKWAVE & PACKOUT from ACME Tools

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