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Billet Aluminum AN Wrenches from Motion Raceworks

These Billet AN Wrenches from Motion Raceworks are made in the USA, and they have the look. With the gold anodized coating, they almost glow. Every edge of the wrench includes a very slight chamfer that provides an excellent feel to the wrenches. The billet aluminum and extra-thick body deliver exceptional durability and stiffness. The set includes 4 different wrenches with 2 different sizes on each wrench. Included in the Motion Raceworks AN Wrenches are the -3AN, -4AN, -6AN, -8AN, -10AN, -12AN, -16AN, and -20AN.

Motion Raceworks AN Wrenches

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AN Fittings – History Lesson

AN Wrenches only exist because AN Fittings were born, but where does the name come from? During WWII, the military was looking for a way to connect flexible fluid lines with rigid lines. The Army and Nave put their heads together and came up with the AN fitting. That’s right, the A-N only stands for Army-Navy, hence the red and blue anodizing also goes back to the beginning, signifying the Army and Navy together. The original AN fittings are a flare-fitting with a specific 37° flared tubing to form a metal-to-metal seal.

Motion Raceworks AN Wrenches_2

Jackstand Jimmy Billet AN Wrenches

Motion Raceworks named these wrenches after Jackstand Jimmy, who is actually James Taal that is part of the Cleetus McFarland crew. If you don’t know Cleetus (Garrett), they have subscribers by the millions and growing. James has been the lead tech to keep their fleet going for years. They even indluded a bottle opener on the -10AN/-12AN wrench in honor of James as well.

Bottle Opener Wrench

Our Thoughts

To be frank, AN wrenches are really just SAE-sized wrenches, made from aluminum. However, Motion has definitely stepped up the game with making them extra-thick and from billet aluminum. Furthermore, the machine work on these AN wrenches are nothing less than fabulous, making anyone proud to own these. Bottom line: if you have AN fittings on your ride and you want a set of wrenches to keep those fittings looking great, then we can’t think of a better set of wrenches to buy.

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