One+ 18V Ryobi Cordless Ratchet Video Review [4-POSITION]

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The 18V Ryobi cordless ratchet has a feature not seen until now. The 18-volt ratchet boasts a 4-position head that rotates when the collar is unlocked. In addition to having the rotating head, the P344 is also powered by the One+ 18-volt platform and delivers up to 35 ft-lbs of force to the fastener. In addition to the 3/8″ version, you can also get the 1/4″ anvil. Power for the 1/4″ is 30 ft-lbs and model # PRC01B. Either model can be purchased from the Home Depot for just $79 (bare tool).

Ryobi Cordless Ratchet Features

It is no secret that the Ryobi One+ 18-volt battery is a pretty big unit, hence it has a pretty front-heavy design. This doesn’t bode so well for the Ryobi cordless ratchet that’s supposed to fit into tight spaces. Ryobi couldn’t go away from the 100+ tool One+ platform, so they did the next best thing. Ryobi engineered this ratchet to have a rotating head that will index the anvil every 90-degrees. This allows you to position the battery under-bite to wherever it’s not in the way. Just pull up the collar lock-ring, move the head to the desired position, then let the ring snap back into place.

With the rotating head, which way will the LED light be illuminating? Not to be outsmarted, the Ryobi 18-volt ratchet answered with 2 LED lights that will always be on top and bottom, or right and left of the ratchet anvil. A long paddle-switch enables just about any finger to power the ratchet up to a full speed of 230 RPM.

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Our Thoughts

Cordless ratchets have become a staple in many mechanic’s toolboxes, and it’s great the 18V Ryobi cordless ratchet in the mix now. The low cost of $79 makes it an easy choice for the price-conscious buyer. Add the fact that you can find a Home Depot in tons of cities in the US. Performance is definitely respectable on this Ryobi ratchet and you can get it in the P344 3/8″ anvil or the PRC01 1/4″ anvil. Check out the video for much more.

Purchase the Ryobi 18-Volt Cordless Ratchet here.

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