Sonic Tools Pliers – German Made Quality [LIFETIME WARRANTY]

Sonic Tools Pliers FI

Sonic Tools Pliers include hardened tool steel bodies with ergonomic grips for comfort and performance. Sonic teamed up with NWS for manufacturing many of the pliers in their selection. They understand that NWS is one of the best pliers manufacturers in the world. Why try to reinvent the wheel, if it’s already been perfected?!

Sonic Tools Pliers Drawer

We take a close gander at our Pliers drawer in our Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox. Be sure to check out that video review.

Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox Review and Tour Video [958 pcs]

Sonic Tools Pliers and More

Items like the Sonic Tools side cutters are made from tool steel, forged, and oil-hardened to ensure durability cutting strength. The soft grips form to your hand and include finger stops, hence preventing your hands from sliding up the handles. The general purpose pliers and water pump pliers include double-toothed jaws and induction-hardening in high-stress areas of the tool. Even the design of the jaws include teeth oriented in the proper direction to maximize grip on the fastener.

Sonic Tools Pliers NWS

It’s not all about Sonic Tools Pliers per se either. Sonic pliers selection includes automatic wire strippers, all sorts of needle-nose, and snap-ring pliers. One of our favorites in our kit are the hose-pinching pliers, made of plastic. These will effectively block any liquid or air from passing through the crimp, and once released, there’s no harm done to the hose.

Sonic Hose Pinch Pliers

Final Thoughts

Sonic Tools never seems to be short of providing a plethora of tools in each category, hence their pliers selection is no different. We like seeing that Sonic recognizes that NWS already builds some of the best pliers, so they chose to join forces rather than ‘compete’. Just like all their other tools, Sonic Pliers include a lifetime warranty, so this doesn’t require waiting on the tool truck to come around. A simple email or phone call and the new tool will be headed your way.

Check out Sonic Tools USA for more information on their tool selection.

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