Sonic Tools Sockets Video Review – [NO CHINA]

Sonic Tools Sockets Impact Drawer

Sonic Tools Sockets are made from either Chrome Vanadium steel or Chrome Moly steel for all their impact sockets. As with all their other tools, Sonic sockets include a lifetime warranty. Sonic Tools USA headquarters is located in Auburn, AL, while the corporate headquarters resides in the Netherlands. None of Sonic Tools Sockets or other tools are made in China.

Sonic Tools Sockets Milling

Sonic Tools Sockets Features

Just like the Sonic Wrenches that we reviewed earlier in the year, the Sonic Tools Sockets lack the chrome plating like most sockets. Sonic feels that adding a plating of chrome just adds another layer of potential failure for corrosion to exist. Furthermore, the Chrome Vanadium itself is excellent at resisting rust.

Sonic Tools Sockets Engraving

Ensuring that the flats of the sockets are doing their job, Sonic Sockets have each corner milled. This feature keeps the corners of the fasteners from taking all the force and abuse, so the flats of the sockets can take the real load. This same procedure is performed on the anvil side of the sockets as well. Some of these sockets are marked with laser etching; however, most of the sockets include the size stamped (engraved) in the socket.

Sonic manufactures just about every socket bit that you can think of, including torx, e-torx, spline, triple-square, hex, and more. The socket bit bases are chrome vanadium while the bits themselves seem to be made from Chrome Moly. Sonic extensions include a hex top to allow for using a wrench for leverage, and the shaft includes a knurled section for additional grip.

Sonic Tools Sockets Wheel Socket

Final Thoughts

Sonic Tools offer excellent quality in their tools, matching or exceeding that of most tool-truck brands. Their organization is a step beyond the competition with their foam tray system, laser-cut and labeled out of the box. This ready-made neatness surges the Sonic value past the competition.

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