Sonic Tools Wrenches Video Review [SATISFYINGLY ORGANIZED]

Sonic Tools Wrenches FI

If you’ve been around our channels for any length of time, then you know our love for Sonic Tools. All of Sonic Tools are great quality, but to be honest, that’s not the part we’re most in love with. It’s the organization right out of the box that gets us every time. This includes Sonic Tools Wrenches which you can get in a variety of packages. Or, as Sonic would put it, in their foam trays. You can order their tools a la carte, by the drawer (foam tray), or by the toolbox. If you’re used to, and expecting, seeing wrenches made in China, you WON’T find them from Sonic Tools. Most are made in Germany and across Europe, but none in China.

Sonic Tools Wrenches

To see more on their complete toolbox plus tools selection, check out this video of the Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox with 958-Piece Kit.

Sonic Tools S15 Toolbox Review and Tour Video [958 pcs]

Sonic Tools Wrenches Options and Features

Sonic has a wide selection of wrenches, including ratcheting, non-ratcheting, stubby, and more. All of their wrenches are made from Chrome Vanadium, so expect a lifetime of use without corrosion or rust. One noticeable factor of Sonic Tools Wrenches is the lack of shiny chrome plating. Sonic has chosen a satin or semi-polished finish on their wrenches and sockets. They believe that chrome plating is just another potential point of failure, as well as a hindrance to a precise measure.

Sonic Tools Wrenches Up Close

Sonic’s regular combination wrenches and double-box-end wrenches offer a very granular and matte finish, while the ratcheting, stubby, and E-torx wrenches receive a more polished finish. While the finish may be different on these wrenches compared to the rest of the industry, the performance, fit, and feel stands on its own. Across the board, the Sonic Tools Wrenches exceed the needs and demands of professional mechanics, and their lifetime warranty backs it up. During

Sonic Tools Wrenches Drawer

Be sure to check out the video for more details and a look at the Sonic Tools wrenches lineup. For pricing and additional information, you can click direction to  Sonic Tools USA.


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