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Tribus Tools Ratcheting Line Wrenches – Made in the USA

Tribus Tools Ratcheting Line Wrench Features

We got our first look at the Tribus Tools Ratcheting Line Wrench when we were at the SEMA Show 2021 this past year. They were showcasing their Ratcheting O2 Sensor wrenches in 7/8″ and 15/16″. A few weeks later, we included the O2 sensor wrench in our Christmas Gift Guide for 2021. These ratcheting line wrenches quickly show their worth when working in tight areas.

Milwaukee Tool Ratcheting Wrenches

Tribus Tools Ratcheting Line Wrench_2

These Tribus Tools wrenches have an opening on one end of the wrench much like a typical flare wrench. However, there is an inner ring that ratchets on two pawls allowing for just a 4-degree swing arc. Not only does this allow you to use the ratcheting technique, but you can also move in tight spaces. Tribus Tools just recently released the smaller wrench sizes for brake lines and any other flare fitting.

Tribus Tools Ratcheting Line Wrench_1

Not only do these wrenches include the ratcheting features, but they also include a flexible head. You get more than 180-degrees of flex from each wrench head. These smaller wrenches are available individually, set of 3 Metric, set of 3 SAE, or in the set of all 6. The Metric set includes 10mm, 11mm, and 12mm sizes while the SAE includes 3/8″, 7/16″, and 1/2.”


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Bill Miller
Bill Miller
6 months ago

Have bought many of your wenches and from the beginning have had several that don’t work properly or have other defects. But haven’t had any way to get ahold of anyone to fix my issues . Tried using the emails I get from this company but get error demons when I send it.

Charles Womack
Charles Womack
5 months ago

Website says out of business.. must be crap or poor management. they have not been out long. I feel sorry for whomever paid almost $500 for a set and can not get warranty repairs or replacements